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Jul. 27th, 2013

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 7/27/2013: We Have A Caern!


Nicole tells Fr. Simon that we want to meet with him after school.

Nothing eventful happens at school.

Go to O'aka's apartment to talk about the Cloudcatcher situation.

  • Corax who follow the pack turn around near the apartment – seem to be redirected.

  • Tell O'aka and Fr. Simon about Jack's death.

    • Aren't sure that he's really dead since he's come back before.

    • No one is sure how he does that or if it'll happen again. Will there dismembering, burning, and cleansing of his body be enough? Only time will tell.

  • Lana gives them the Anichrist Serum.

  • Asks about the Bastet issue, and pack updates them. They say that the Bastet are being more aggressive than is really necessary, but they aren't actually doing anything wrong. We're told to be sure to tell them that the Bastet killed at the warehouse were not of Gaia.

  • Naga offer to be at the meeting as well, just in case. Won't intervene unless absolutely needed, but they'll be there.

  • Decide to change the meeting location to the park when the time comes.

Try to summon a unicorn

  • Go to talk to Dave, our Child of Gaia contact. He offers us lemonade.

  • Ask if he can help us find a unicorn. He invites us inside his house (which smells of incense and pot). All step sideways. In the Umbra, go outside again and a unicorn is outside in the front yard. Dave introduces her as Maybelline. She asks if we are Dave's friends. We are, and Dave agrees.

  • Nicole introduces us to Maybelline and asks if she'd be willing to help mediate. She is very agreeable – all part of her job.

  • Rebecca asks if Maybelline can give us some advice about what to do with Janet. She suggests: Going to Arcadia (there are dreams at the gate), going to the dream realm, or getting a dreamstone (which allows you to see/experience the dreams of others). Also says that Rite of the Dreaming would allow us to enter the dream zone. Dave knows the rite!

    • Explains that the rite involves turning some herbs into a paste which is eaten or, in the case of the baby, have the mother eat first, and/or smear on its head when born.

    • Dave also volunteers to be on call if needed to this end.

      Leave Rebecca to study with Dave. Rest of pack goes to do patrols.

  • Tell Janet about the plan during patrols. She's happy.

  • Stop by restaurant with tainted meat. Meat is still tainted.

  • Go hunting for Janet.

  • Actually have time to do homework! Nicole does some construction work on the theater after lamaze class. Shadow Lords help.

  • Bob shows up. Says DJ is at the Jeep. Says DJ agrees that his actions were a bit foolish, but needed doing. Bob is also very proud of his ability to boss around lower-ranking Corax.


Nothing eventful at school.

After school, a bit more homework, construction, training, etc.

Darcy scouts a place for the meeting at the park. Sees a rattlesnake by the pond. Talks to squirrels.

While Lana is training Brawl with Ivet and Boris, Forgotten Dream (as a merlin, of course) does his naming things thing again. Makes Ivet's face pink as well.

  • Lana decides to name the color spirit Spectrum. The spirit gets very excited. Announces his name proudly. Colors get brighter. The gauntlet weakens somewhat. The area becomes a caern, and the color spirit is the spirit of the caern. Huzzah!

  • Borders of the caern are our territory. Pegasus are now protectors of the caern and have become more powerful. Outside of the territory, an aurora borealis is visible.

  • As Darcy returns to the territory, she sees another pack trying to see what's going on. It seems as though Frank's riddle has expanded over the entire caern.

  • Maybelline senses the caern and manifests real world side to tell Dave. Dave, Rebecca go to check it out and get in with no problem.

  • Koi have appeared in the library's fountain and our graffiti territory markings are brighter, but otherwise no other affects on the real world side.

  • Bible spirit is whole and repaired, and doesn't seem to recall having lost one of his books.

  • Rebecca calls her aunt for advice on what to do with the caern. She promises to come.

  • Black Furies, Joe, and Bob get in with no troubles.

    • Tell Joe about the caern. Determine it is a Wyld caern.

    • Kahn is Jacob Kelly, Rank 4, leader of the Taklah of Shining Fire. This group was created when Kelly heard that Bastet were being murdered by Garou. Was created specifically for this purpose with Simba who generally don't even like cities. Everyone has silver weapons. They've set traps at the warehouse, mostly barricades to prevent escape. Kelly has a reputation for being especially ruthless – no regard to humans in the way, etc. Orders to create this group came from above. Afa is the one who made the magic rain and lightning. Kelly also have some other water rites, but they generally involve oceans and aren't a real worry around here.

  • Start getting howls from other Garou who want to get in. One pack is the Get. We go talk to them. They insist that they're taking over the territory because the gauntlet has been weakened and the veil needs to be protected. We tell them that they're no better that they are no better than we are (rank, ability, etc.) and we have it under control. They continue to argue. Darcy tells that that they're not exactly in charge of the city and there isn't a sept or caern to give the city's Garou any real structute...except oops! There is now! Walk away.

  • Get phone call from Fr. Simon. Apparently people (Glasswalkers) have been calling around trying to track us down. Also, the gargoyles at the church are all woken up. O'aka is on his way in the guise of a hedgemage to help us out.

  • Darcy howls to tell the other Garou to go away for now. We're dealing with it and have full control of the territory. Eventually the howling stops.

  • Nicole also calls Jeff, who left the soup kitchen awhile ago. He arrives soon. When he arrives, Alfred (the Ananasi) forms from small spiders on Jeff's back. Alfred says he'd had trouble getting in, which is why he hitched a ride. He thinks the caern needs more webs.

  • Rebecca's aunt arrives with a few other elders. O'aka also arrives.

    • Tell us that we have a Rank 3 caern. Because it is a Wyld caren and the color spirit is a wildling, we get bonuses for anything that would benefit the caern via Rite of the Open Caern.

    • A caern like this has never happened before. Ever.

    • The spirit has become super powerful in a very short time.

    • Spirits named on the totem pole seem to be more powerful in the caern.

    • Set up a moonbridge to the Uktena caern. Allies!

    • The Uktena agree to help us set up a sept. Would be a good idea to bring in others that we trust as well. Who to add?

      • Joe & Bob

      • Black Furies

      • Jeff and pack

      • Ivet and pack, but they already have their own sept.

      • Bruce and John

      • Alfred

        • Darcy and Nicole talk to Alfred about his intentions. He wants to join the sept to protect the caern and represent the Weaver. Wants a seat on the council.

      • Janet

        • Lana and Rebecca talk to Janet and invite her to join the sept. She asks for some time to think about it given her pregnancy.

        • Hear the Grundrr squealing. Call for Nicole. Darcy follows.

        • Grundrr is frenzying, tearing things apart.

        • Rebecca tires her flute, but it doesn't calm him.

        • Go to get Dave and Maybelline. They suggest opening the door. Lana does. Grundrr goes to the door. Dave makes a calming gesture, strokes his nose, and he falls over asleep (Calm gift). Nicole talks to Dave about him helping to care for the Grundrr in the future.

      • Dave?

        • Talk to him about his pack. It's him, July (Philadox), and their respective unicorns. No real alpha. Both Rank 2.

        • Judy and her unicorn, Don, come. Done is a little scraggly but proud. Judy bring cookies and constructive criticism.

    • Darcy gets out the celebratory whiskey and passes it around.

    • Pack goes to talk to O'aka.

      • O'aka suggests creating a new Litany for all ferra of the sept to follow:

        • Serve Gaia.

        • Loyalty to the Sept

        • Protection of the Sept and Its Territories

        • Neutral to All Other Ferra

        • Respect for All Ferra's Litanies

      • Agrees to act as a consultant. Odin (who will soon be released from the hospital) will also. BTW, he seemed to start healing well after Cloudcatcher's death.

      • O'aka says Alfred is not trustworthy, but would be a good choice to have in the sept or on the council (though not as the leader).

      • Run other spet member ideas by O'aka. He's good with everyone else, but asks to be notified when the unicorns leave the Children of Gaia as they are helping the two of them cope with the loss of their pack a few years earlier. The unicorns leaving would be a sign that they are ready to be more proactive, productive Garou.

      • Ask O'aka how to deal with different tribes on the Council?

        • Would be good to get sway with Kahn or Simba since they are widely regarded.

        • Take one from each region (South America, Africa, etc.) for both Bastet and Garou.

      • Potential Council Members:

        • Darcy

        • Rebecca

        • Jeff (or someone from his pack)

        • Susan (or someone from her pack)

        • Joe

        • John

        • Alfred

    • Proposed name: Spet of Many Colors

    • Check out fountain / koi pond. Some fish are glowing. They're all different in shape, fins, level of glowing, etc.

      • Crested fins (like lion fish), (not glowing)

      • Stout, broad, and fat (glowing)

      • Long, flexible, eel-like (glowing)

      • Rough scale, bristly (not glowing)

      • Small and smooth (not glowing)

      • Black, large side fins spread wide (glowing)

      • Sleek, spotted/mottled (not glowing)

      • Fins look chewed up (not glowing)

      • Smaller than other small one, malnourished (glowing)

      • Big, burly, with teeth (not glowing)

    • Gather our allies near the fountain. Darcy gives a speech inviting everyone to join the sept, outlining the proposed litany, and when asked a bit about who would be on the council.

    • Everyone we expect to agrees to join.

    • Uktena perform moots to form the sept. Party!

    • Moonbridge forms strongly between our sept and the Uktena sept. Travel is happy.

    • Sept territory expands to include pack territories (though the caern itself does not expand).

    • Nicole goes to check on Grundrr. He's awake and alert. She feeds him and he eats hungrily. Gets Darcy to talk to him (beast speech). He just grunts for awhile, but eventually says “food.” Nicole gets more, which he eats. When finished, he asks for more (“promise food”) Nicole does. Darcy tried to talk to him while she's gone, gets a few more words out of him (yes, when, all of it, more food). He also talks about Wyrm, which he wants to eat. Says that Darcy is Wyrm and tries to eat her arm, but she pulls away. Nicole returns with a garbage pail of “food,” and they lock him in the room again.

      • Get O'aka for advice. Explain situation. Was he created and/or changed at DNA labs? How so? Could more Grundrr be created by breeding kin? Should we talk to a boar spirit? Perhaps one could give him purpose.

For Next Time: Figure out what to do with Grundrr. Summon a boar to that effect. Have council meeting. Gain renown. Prep for meeting with Kelly. Homecoming!

Jul. 26th, 2013

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 11/24/2012: Crazy Kahn and a Lot of Pursuit

Go into building.  Take stairs up to roof - 10 floors

  • Note that cameras turn toward us.

  • When we get to the roof, Glasswalker isn't there.  Track his scent to fire escape, then through window on 8th floor, then to elevator.

  • Try to pick up scent on lower floors, but no luck.  There are mirrors in the elevator; suspect that he stepped sideways.

  • Decide to go back to roof and have Nicole use Streets Tell Stories to figure out what he was doing.  Pick up Glasswalker scent on 10th floor and follow it to the bathroom where it stops in front of a mirror.  Suspect that this is where he really stepped.

  • Go to roof.  Streets Tell Stories reveals:  Glasswalker comes regularly and sends messages via geomid.  Tpday he told Jack we were tracking him, gave directions, then ran off with the geomid.  Geomid seems well trained.

  • Then it occurs to us that the geomid can't step, so it's likely hidden in the building.

  • Find geomid on top of the elevator.  Darcy shifts to Homid, climbs up and talks to it.

    • Geomid says that Darcy is not his master.  Doesn't seem to know other details about his master and won't share what they were doing.

    • Says Darcy is a faulty program (as she has no master).  Sparks and connects to the elevator.  Fearing that he will cause the elevator to crash, pack evacuates.  Geomid seems to be sending Darcy's desription somewhere.

    • Lana uses Control Complex Machine to control the geomid so we can better question it.

    • Doesn't seeem to know more details re: Master.

    • Has been sending messaages for Master to addresses in the area (signal lights for Jack).  Also altered a file on Roark Forster - changed the fingerprints on his file.  Also has done what seems to be basic business transactions, and moved money out of charitable account to business account.

    • Decide to hide geomid just for fun underneath one of the elevators.  As other elevators are summoned, Rebecca senses magic above - Weaver.  Suspect calcifying.

    • Toss geomid to other elevator and head for fire escape.  Darcy checks to see what's on the roof - 3 huge strand spiders.  Run!

    • Rebecca uses Bird gift to fly.  Shifts to Chrinos and carries the pack out.  Run away to theater.  Spiders continue pursuit.

    • After a bit, Nicole notices web outside.  SPiders seems to be calcifying a three-block radius.  Send Merlin to get Ivet for help.

    • Lana tries to get pattern spider to redirect strand spiders to Black Spira.  Doesn't work.

    • Pack shifts to Chrinos.  Ivet & co. arrive.  Pose!  Attack!

    • Ivet tells the strand spiders to stand down as we are, in fact, not defective.  SPiders listen and turn away in direction of Spiral.

    • Clean up webs.  Nicole saves some just in case.

Darcy wants to see what the spiders do, so pack pursues.

  • Meet Black Furies along the way.  They were retreating from scouting and saw the spiders.

  • Report that there are Wyrm-tainted Ferra.  There are reports of a buzzard, but no one seems to trust him.  He does have silver bullets.

  • Invite Black Furies to check out the spider action.  Susan comes.  Boris goes back to keep an eye on territory.

  • Near the church find the strand spiders dead.  See hyena chewing on one spider.

7:30 - Check in on territory, Janet

Darcy, Lana, and Rebecca go home.

Nicole goes to visit Bruce.  He never came home from school.  Nicole tells his mom that he was called out of school - Mom didn't know.

  • Nicole leaves.  Mom calls police.

  • Nicole sees Afa.  She seems as if she is trying not to draw attention to herself.

  • Nicole confronts her.  Afa smells of cat.  Asks what she's doing there - she says that she's looking for Bruce to ask him to dinner.  Banter ensues.  Doesn't seem to know anything (or acts like she doesn't - hard to tell).  Darcy asks Nicole to disengage via earpiece.

  • Afa invites Nicole to dinner.  Agrees.  On walk (a few blocks down) Afa reveals she is Simba.

  • No lights at the house.  LIons inside.

  • Afa invites Nicole into the kitchen.  Things are sinister and threatening.  Rest of pack on their way.

  • Nicole shifts to Chrinos and jumps out a window.  Starts to run away.  Tiger with silver poleclave jumps down.  Nicole runs and is pursued.  Tiger best keeps up.  Eventually hits her with blade.  Nicole falls.

  • Darcy, Lana, and Rebecca arrive.  See tiger with Nicole unconscious over his shoulder.

  • Darcy attacks with klave, but does not injure.

  • Rebecca plays flute.  Fight stops, but some Simba look ready to fight.

  • Darcy tells Tiger to hand over Nicole as she is part of her pack and we have no quarrel with them.  Tiger says we all need to pay for killing young Bastet at the warehouse.

  • Darcy uses Glib Tongue to convince Tiger to hand Nicole over.  He does.

  • Tiger asks us to explain outselves.  Darcy says Bastet were skinchangers.  Tigers asks for proof - Corax word isn't good enough.  Darcy says that all she can give is her word and the word of everyone else there.  Tiger asks when and where.  Agree to Saturday and the warehouse.  TIger asks for proof that it isn't a trap.  Holds out truth stick.  Darcy takes it and promises.  TIger promises that it won't be a trap for us unless we deserve it.

Back at territory, Nicole is healed.  Darcy reprimands Nicole for getting into this mess.  Nicole volunteers and is given permission to warn John reg: Tiger's warning.

  • John says the trial is very weird.  Amazed that we aren't dead.  Says Kahn is surely an elder given his abilities.  Saturday is likely a trap.

  • John says that he will look for Bruce - the warehouse is one of his hiding spots.

  • Rebecca and John find Bruce at the warehouse.  Take him to theater.  Heals Bruce's wounds.

  • Bruce says cop at school was the Kahn - Officer Kelly.

10:00 - Start warning others from the warehouse raid.

  • Call noise disturbance for Get.  Meet Mark at the bar and explain situation.  He suggests changing the location at the last minute to sidestep a trap.

  • Lana and Rebecca talk to Ivet.

  • Darcy and Nicole talk to Susan.  Also meet with Jeff at the bar.  Check in with Bruce at the theater, who waxes philosophical re: His preparedness (wants to learn to use a klave, join our pack, etc.)

After School - Is there a third party who could mediate?  Maybe a spirit?  Kinfolk?  Other Ferra?

Lana finds pictures from business at Glasswalker building.  Nicole confirms his identity - Simon Brecke.

Joe arrives with information:

  • Roark's prints were replaced with Bruce's.  The implication is that if Bruce does a crime and his prints come up, Roark will be to blame.

  • He's brought LOTS of Corax kin to back us up.

  • DJ is trying to prove himself.  Uncovering BSD hives and sicing Garou on them 50 miles West of here.  Pros:  DJ can infiltrate hives no problem and hives are being taken care of.  Cons:  Garou don't trust DJ because of Wyrm taint.

  • BSD moving into Red Talon territory.  Bob is communicating with Joe via Trash Heap, but don't know specific location.

  • Both male Simba and Kahn are elders.  One of them is causing the magic rain, which makes tracking a noisance.

  • Bring in Bruce and John to see if they have any input.  Bruce has no ideas re: fingerprints.

  • Darcy is suspicious of the Bruce connection to both Cloudcatcher and Simba issues, but there is no obvious connection.

  • Joe goes to find more info on Officer Kelly, etc.

  • Pack asks Ivet to hunt for Janet.

  • Pack decides to solicit help from Lion (appealing to the Simba) and Unicorn (peaceful and present at warehouse) spirits.

  • Takes some convincing, but Bruce and John agree to help with summoning.  Darcy bribes Bruce with catnip.

  • Lion summoning / grooming at library successful.  Lion refers to Darcy as the "Last White Howler."  Agrees to send message to the big Lion.

Darcy goes to pick up catnip.  As she walks back to library, she hears Call to the Wyrm coming from West edge of town - Red Talons?

  • Gathers pack and John to go help.

  • Upon arrival it's clear that everyone is chasing DJ.

  • The magic storm now has lightning which strikes at Garou.  DJ also can freeze Garou, but isn't injuring them.

  • Run into an injured Red Talon who was injured by lightning.  Hear Call to the Hunt nearby.  All pursue that since its closer (and pack doesn't want to hunt DJ anyway).

  • Come across dead/injured Red Talons.  It's clear this was a Bastet attack.

  • Red talons see John and become aggressive.  Alpha frenzies.

  • Grappling ensues as pack tries to protect John, who disappears in the shadows.  Rebecca uses her flute, which calms the Alpha.  Alpha insists that Bastet were black, not Simba.  Alpha wants to be released; pack wants him to not kill John.  Alpha makes no promises, but pack releases him when it seems clear that he likely won't be able to find John.

  • Red Talons pursue Wyrm hunt.  A Get officer arrives in police car.  We convince him that Bastet are the bigger threat.

  • Rebecca senses magic from nearby barbershop.  Lana licks in the door.  FInd three Black Kahn inside - copies of the one we met before.

  • Attack!  Kahn are shadows of the original and disappear when in jured.  They are disposed of.

  • Get asks if this changes the truce with Bastet.  We would like to gather a bit more info and possibly determine motive.  Get leaves to pursue Wyrm.

  • John comes out of hiding.  He's figured out the Kahn's shadow trick!  Sends his own shadow to confront Bastet.

  • Pack tries to check area for more Bastet.  Eventually realize that Wym hunt is headed to Black Spiral.  Pack follows.

  • When the pack arrives at the church, the fight is over.  Spiral is destroyed and BSDs killed.  Minimal Garou casualties and none of name.

  • Also see Cloudcatcher's body!  He is dismembered and burned.

  • Help with cleansing of what's left of church.

  • Darcy is approached by Rests int he Shade.  He apologies for the other Red Talon pack.  Darcy says she understands his rage and all is forgiven.  Expresses regret for bringing hunt into city.  Says we can use the fallen's bodies with the Get to help protect the veil (which would explain wolves in the city).  Says we are welcome to enter their territory to hunt, rest, or pursue the Wyrm.  Darcy says likewise.

  • Ivet confirms that DJ - the "buzzard" they were originally pursuing - escaped.

Lana and Rebecca go back to territory to heck with John.  He reports that Kahn heard the howls and thought Garou were amassing an army to hunt them, so he struck.  Apologizes.  John says he seemed sincere.  Notable that he let "John" talk instead of killing him.

Darcy and Nicole join Ivet and co. to hunt for Janet.  Successful and uneventful.

For Next Time:  Report to Naga re: Jack.  Find solution for Janet.  Ask unicorn to arbitrate.

Oct. 19th, 2012

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 3/17/2012: We're Hunting Buzzards

Sunday Evening:

Pack meets up.  Darcy borrows a car from parents - needs to be back by 11:00 so they can pick up a special drink order for the bar (Fianna drink).
Stop for dinner, then go to O'aka's.
  • House is dark, but Sense of the Prey reveals he is inside.
  • Go in - door is unlocked.  Find him in kitchen; he gives us drinks.
  • Discuss the situation - Jack's whereabouts, motives (unknown - speculate Black Spiral dealings), how O'aka's been tracking him (gifts, police contacts, etc.)
  • O'aka gives us a vial with chimera's scent to help with tracking.
  • Suggests delegating the Black Spiral to another pack so we can focus on helping the Naga take out Jack.
  • Discuss Jack's known skills:  a) Speed & reflexts - possible 6th sense?  b) Doesn't rely on strength or gifts.  c) Blood burns, resistant to poison.  d) Has silver bullets?
Drop off car.  Go to Black Furries.
  • Explain Black Spiral situation to Susan. 
  • She agrees to have her pack deal with it while we take out the leader (Jack).
Both packs will do reconaisance and meet up to coordinate attack.
  • Sniff eau de chimera vial - pungent.  Old, faint smell in territory (umbral).
  • Start tracking at Jack's house.  Strong scent; see Chimera in basement.
  • Sense of the Prey:  Jack is somewhere SW of there.
  • Lana leaves a camera to monitor the basement window.
  • Lana and Rebecca sense something in the area - large, vaguely cat-like - slinking away.  Lana uses Phoebe's Veil.  Rebecca simply gives chase.  Nicole and Darcy follow.  It has disappeared.  Find a few tracks in the area but no trail (no tracks or scent to follow).
  • Nicole uses The Streets Tell Stories.  Sees a lioness stalking the pack, then slink away and literally disappear into the shadows.  She seemed to be observing, not hunting.
  • Rebecca senses magic - feels some in the area where the lioness was, probably a gift.
  • After checking in with Black Furies (no report yet) decide to call it a night.

During 2nd period, Bruce is called to the office.  He is not in class after that.
  • John and Mall Girl (Afa Batistae) are talking at lunch when Rebecca and Darcy to to talk - neither knows where he is or what's going on.  Afa doesn't seem to like Darcy.
  • Notice a police officer visiting the office in the afternoon - no lights or sirens, nothing suspicious.
Pack meets up at territory.  Touch base with Black Furies.
  • Theurge scout reports that more banes have come through spiral.
  • She witnessed a ritual - magic charcoal drew a woman's face.  Rebecca feels a magical charge of electricity.  A storm starts moving through - magic!  Probably result of a rite, gift, spirit, etc.
Sense of the Prey - Jack is to the West.  Head that way in Lupus.
  • No scent of chimera at all in Black Fury territory, but pick up scent outside - it's usual path for skirting territory.  Not fresh scent through.
  • After we announce ourselves in Glasswalker territory Jack moves North.  Later moves West - seems to be circling.
  • Lana uses Skyscraper Vision to try to spot Jack.  Sees a raven in roughly the right spot flying leisurely.  Does it again from another window to triangulate location.  Sees Jack, as well as Glasswalker talking to geomid and sending flashing color symbols.  Possibly communicating with Jack (probable)?  Or he's maybe eavesdropping?  This form of communication isn't normal at all for Glasswalkers.
  • As we gain on Jack, he changes direction.  If we move in opposite direction, he does not.  If we walk towards him backwards he disappears off the radar.

For next time:  "Conversation" with Glasswalker.  Continue to hunt Jack.  Other stuff from last time.

Jan. 30th, 2012

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 11/25/11: Homecoming Shopping, Missing DJ, and a Great Big I-Told-You-So

Friday Evening
Cleanse the warehouse - Summon unicorns to assist
Destroy computers
Bob and Joe leave
Back to Friendly Spirits for celebration
  • Bob and Joe return.  When asked, Joe doesn't say much - he was checking in with people.  Bob occasionally looks sad.
  • Yay, party!

Go hunting to get food for Janet.  Catch scent of Red Talons in woods - they seem to be expanding their territory.
Sky in territory is dimmer than usual in Umbra.  Other areas as well, but sky is most noticable.
Clean up and go shopping for homecoming dresses.
  • Succcess!
  • Cannot talk Nicole into buying a dress.
  • Talk some random boys into buying us lnch at the food court.
  • Bruce and John sit nearby.  Rebecca walks over to tell John about her dress.  Bruce has not had luck landing a date.  John offers to find a friend to ask Nicole.  Calls Tom, introduces him to Nicole.  Pack eventually convinces her to go with him.
  • Pack goes to thrift store to find dress for Nicole.  Success!
Nicole goes to "confession" to ask Fr. Simon if he knows anything re: the cylinder.
  • He speculates that it may be the missing power supply from the Scab - it's the right size, but that's just speculation.
  • Says he can ask Odin, but he'll probably want to take it.  Nicole says she won't hand it over.
  • Suggests asking spirits - pattern spiders, etc. - that store data.
  • When asked about Cloudcatcher, he says that they found another of his homes.  Hasn't returned to the one we found.  He does have silver bullets.
Ask Bible geomid in library about cylinder.  It doesn't know.  Suggests asking a more powerful spirit.
Decide to ask pattern spiders at warehouse - may know since they've been in the area.
  • Lana creates a map outlining new Red Talon territories.
  • Aproach largest spider.  It says that this chimmenage is not enough.  Demands all knowledge on Lana's laptop of a copy of the Silver record for its function, or a map of the Scab with infrastructure and sub-infrastructure for its name.  For both, include a map of Scar factory.
Decide to ask Fr. Simon & DJ if they can help us map the Scar
  • Nicole and Darcy to Fr. Simon - He'll map out what he can, but it won't be entirely complete - mostly around the factories.  He also mentions that Odin and O'aka plan to kill Cloudcatcher today.  Don't want our help; they think we'll get in the way.  Will tell us when it's taken care of.
  • Rebecca and Lana can't find DJ.  Sense of the prey says he is up.  Wait awhile, but he doesn't return.

Darcy and Nicole go to church.  Fr. Simon says that things the night before didn't go so well.  Odin is in the hospital.  Gives us address of the attack - Jack got the jump on them - and Odin's hospital room.  Darcy and Nicole eat soup.
Lana and Rebecca go to check on DJ.  Ivet and John tag along.  He's not there.  Track him 40 miles, still don't find him.  Call Nicole and Darcy to ask if they should continue. 
Darcy sees Bob nearby - plans to ask his opinion on DJ's habits.
  • Bob says that a corax/raven might circle pretty far for food/nesting material/information.
  • Describes how he and Joe went to find DJ Friday night (when they wandered off).  Joe yelled at DJ - said that DJ wasn't Cloudcatcher and wasn't a Corax for he shouldn't pretend.  Joe leaves.  Bob and DJ then had a conversation on what it means to be a Corax (Bob has rank, etc., DJ does not).  DJ asks to be alone.
  • Send Bob (he offers) to track DJ so we know he is safe.
Darcy and Nicole go to hospital
  • Odin was shot in th ehead.  Has been drifting in and out of consciousness.
  • Odin wakes up when the nurse leaves.  Says O'aka wants our help to take down Jack.
  • During the fight Jack got the jump on them.  Shot Odin twice (once in Snake form).  O'aka bit Jack - he fangs melted; blood burned like fire.
  • Offer to have Rebecca visit to help heal his eys, which may not heal on its own because of the silver.
After visit, Rebecca and Lana return.  Rebecca tries to heal Odin.  It's more difficult than usual, but she heals him a little.

For Next TIme:  Talk to O'aka.  Come up with a plan for Janet.  Wait to hear from Bob.  Ask Joe re: Corax stance on DJ's existance.

Sep. 10th, 2011

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 8/21/11: Raid Time

Wednesday Night:
Lana has a dream, which she shares on the way/at school, about how Jake gave Travel his name.

Thursday, After School:
Patrol, then meet to discuss raid strategy.
  -We expect to have about 40 all told.
  -Plan a two-front assult - lots, including lots of Theurges, in the Umbra to handle the bane, plus a physical assault in the Real World to handle Dominic.

Darcy and Lana scout the warehouse
  -X-ray in the Umbra reveals piles of bones, 2 humanoids.
  -Real World - more bones, two large creatures with big growths - famori?  Other humanoids seem normal.
  -Camera is whole and looks like it should be working, but it isn't.  Umbral there is a magnetic geomid.  Geomid says he's not moving as this is his home.  Says we're going to die; will call guards in 10 seconds.  Lana and Darcy step and move the camera - it works fine in a new location.
  -Then spend some time learning gifts to prepare for the battle.

Rebecca, Nicole, and Chillwind go to Reservation to discuss strategy with Soaring Eagle.
  -He has a plan to use fetishes to banish the bane.

Darcy lands a date to homecoming!  John asks Rebecca!  Also must find a date for Lana.  Debate the pros and cons of Bruce asking Nicole.

6:00 - Troops start gathering for the raid
  -Have a larger army than expected - about 56 are there, including some Ratkin, the Bastet, our Corax friends, and lots of Garou (Uktena, Fianna, Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Ivet's pack, Black Furies, Get of Fenris).
  -Sort the troops into two groups*
       -Ivet will lead the Umbral team.
       -Jeff will lead the Real World team.
  -Umbra team steps, then all troops march.
  -Glasswalkers knock out generators, leaving he block without power.  Charge!
  -Lights turn back on after first round of combat.
  -Dreammaker calcifies Ivet.  Lana frenzies.  Then calcifies one of the Theurges.
       -Rebecca is able to free the Theurge and over the course of combat also frees Ivet.
  -The Theurges eventually bind Dreammaker. 
  -Meanwhile, Diminic has silver armor and becomes uber-soaky.  Also does a strange thing that makes some (Boris, John, Bruce) want to stop fighting.  Dominic grapples Boris and uses him as a shield.
  -Jeff manages to get Boris free, then throws grenades.  But Dominic does something and Jeff's pack is caught in the explosion, clearly down for the count (quickly start to heal when combat ends). 
  -Meanwhile, lots of trouble in the Umbra as the building is being calcified.  Gauntlet is too thick to step sideways or open the door normally.  Nicole uses some uber-strengthto rip off the door.
  -Meanwhile, Jeff gives Darcy and Boris grenates.  Throw.  Boom!  Dead Dominic. 
  -Victory howls, ect.

For Next Time:  Cleansing the warehouse, healing, and celebration.  Shopping for homecoming dresses.

*For reference:  Here is the breakdown of who was in which prong of the raid:

Real World (21)
Jeff and his pack
Get (pack)
Uktena (pack)
Two Fianna
Jerry Beguiler (vouched for by one of the Fianna)

Umbra (35)
Uktena (pack)
Susan and her pack
Finanna (pack)
Glass Walkers (pack)
Bone Gnawers (pack)
Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 8/20/11: Joe's Back!

Tuesday Night
Lana has a dream

School.  Nicole begins learning rites so that she can be a good mentor

Pack gathers after school to start planning the warehouse break-in.

Nicole and Boris go to lamaze while Rebecca recruits Bruce and John to help with the warehouse.

Camera feed shows:  Before dawn Dominic gets into his car, looks in the mirror and vanishes.  A bit later two exit and drive off in the car - skinchangers?  They come back later (after sunrise) with blood on their hands and faces.  Dominic reappears at the door and goes in.

All return.  Bruce comments that ravens are gathering in the tree near his house.  Debate going to investigate but decide to let them do their thing.  Decide to at least see if Bob is around.  Sense of the Prey reveals that he's at the library.  All go.

Inside the library, find Bob and Joe.  Yay!  Hugs!  Share stories
  -Bob went up in rank at the corax meeting. 
  -Joe asks if we're going to deal with Dominic.  Says he has the Antichrist Syrum and backing of a very powerful bane.
  -Joe says that Mary couldn't find Jack in the underworld.  We tell him that he's here. 
  -Joe knows that Frank is Qualmi (lynx).  We tell him about his runaway. 
  -Maytan is working with Black Spiral Dancers in Russia.
  -Joe pulls pack aside:
       -Mary had been pregnant when she was killed.  Since the dream goes to 1st child no matter what, the dream will die with Joe.
       -Jake is a Kami - he has a purpose that must be fulfilled but we don't know what it is.  Speculate that his purpose is the dream.  Joe can't talk about it to confirm or deny.

Lana asks the important question:  Why aren't we having a party to celebrate Joe's return?  Invite everyone we know to Friendly Spirits for a party.  Also plan to discuss the warehouse issue with anyone who will listen.
  -Excellent good time with general celebrating.
  -Start hint-dropping re: the warehouse and drum up lots of interest in raiding.
  -Soaring Eagle asks to talk to Lana to ask about her communication with the bane.
       -Speculate that the bane is a genie and Dominic is its master.  Since Lana can hear it, perhaps she also still has some control?
  -Start spreading word that we'll gather on Friday for the assault.
  -At some point, Lana's camera goes dead.

Aug. 23rd, 2011

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 8/20/11: The Plot Thickens

Tuesday, After School

Rebecca and Nicole come up with possible courses of action:
    -Take no action and leave Frank to his own devices.
    -Track him down via other means (Sense of the Prey, etc.)
    -Inform Garou in DNA Labs territories
    -Coordinate a raid of all 3 locations at once

Lana and Darcy join after work/cross country
    -Decide to leave Frank be and handle the local warehouse issue instead.
    -Debate the pros and cons of at least tracking him down on the road to explain why we're not coming for him.  Decide that we don't really owe him - he's already been told

Ivet shows pack a newspaper article about how someone was mauled by a large cat.
    -Speculate:  Bastet?  Chimera?  Just some big cat?

Group splits to tackle varous tasks

    -Lana and Darcy will surveil the warehouse
          -Air in the area is thick with Wyrm taint - it's either being masked or is not strong.
          -Check Umbra:  Wyrm scent is worse, implying that the Real World smell is bleedover.
          -Two guards Umbra side at entrance, with fangs, jaws like a saw, fingers like scalpels, long limbs, bony, about 7 ft tall - spirits of fear.
          -Patern spiders on the roof.  Lana sees that they are perfect.  Camera geomids are awake.
          -Lana's heat sense reaveals a big, blinding heat on the ground floor.  Vaguely humanoid in shape and moving around a bit.  
          -Back on the Real World side - cats are no longer suspended and there are more humanoids moving around (~8).  Also the two big guys and some machines.
          -Lana uses Power Surge to turn off a security camera.  After five seconds hears the voice: "Master, it appears that a camera is no longer working.  The spirits are not cooperating."  "It shall be done."  The camera turns back on and smells Wyrmy, like burned rubber.

    -Rebecca and Nicole try to track down a Chimmerling to get information about dream realms, but get a little distracted...
          -Step to the Umbra and see a raven.  Can't tell immediately if it is a spirit, Corax, etc.  Does not respond to questions or a nickle.  Flies NNE to a house.  Follow.
          -At the house the raven again does not respond to questions.  Decide to investigate the house.  
          -Find lots of meat in the refrigerator, not packaged and hanging.
          -Nicole shifts to Lupus.  Raven starts to eat the meat.  Nicole smells something from the steps leading downstairs - smells like musky animal.
          -Scent of the True Form reveals that the raven is a spirit.
          -Investigate downstairs.  Scent is feline.  Find a nest, meat, a drain, and en egress window that provides escape.  Conclusion:  Someone is physically storing a large cat in the Umbra.
          -Nicole uses the Streets Tell Stories gift - Jack was the one feeding the cat, saying "Here you go you little beast; you need to keep your strength up."  Was there within past 18 hours or so.
          -Try to track the cat's trail.  But raven says "Nevermore!" and flies North.  Follow.  Leads to the Black Spiral church.
                -Someone is clearly living in the church.
                -There are signs of practice combat.
                -The symbol on the floor has been redrawn.
                -Raven says with resignation: "Black Spirals Nevermore" and flies off.
          -There is a shimmer in there air - someone is stepping sideways.  Hide.
                -Four humans - garou - step:  One with antlers, one with glowing eyes.
                -Overhear them say, "Why do we have to work with the cats?"  "It's better than the raven" in Russian.
          -Go back to the house to check it out Real World side.  Find three dead bodies - Dad, Mom, and a girl, all with their eyes removed.
          -Hear a noise in the vent - It's O'aka in snake form.  He shifts up.  At this point there is microphone communication with Darcy and Lana.  Darcy asks to speak to O'aka to get the whole story.
                -Confirms that Jack is back and somehow, inexplicably alive.  He's been working with Ajaba (werehyeneas) who are Wyrm tainted.  Has been keeping the chimera in the basement.
                -O'aka asks that we not hang out at the house for fear of scaring him off.  Darcy begrugingly consents but asks what else the pack can do to help - take care of BSDs, etc.  O'aka refuses to offer suggestion as Odin has said that he's helped us too much before.  Darcy tells him that Odin can shove it and that we're just using our resources.

    -Rebecca and Nicole then go and attempt to actually track down a Chimmerling
          -Try hospital first, but there are no sleep studies at this time and none to be found.  Head back to the library to summon.
          -Chimmerling is apparently a large praying mantis with robes and a hat like a Cardinal's.  He seems irritated.
          -Nicole gives him a dreamcatcher and some gnosis and he becomes more irritated - says that she should look into where exactly she came from.
          -Won't tell them were the dream reals are because we have no use for it and the Mokole even less.  Tells us to find the lute of Shiafleenax and pluck the fourth string - perhaps then we will understand the folly of what we find normal.
          -His name:  Niocenea Selcrana

    -Meanwhile, Darcy and Lana find DJ sleeping in his Jeep.  He's been hiding.  Gathered some trash and Trash Heap visits sometimes.  He's not lying.
          -Apologize for him having to hide but he'll have to lay low for awhile longer until we kill Jack...again.
          -DJ says that the crack to the Abyss is growing.
          -Darcy and Lana make a grocery run for DJ before heading back.
          -Lana places a camera to continue to observe the warehouse.

  -Ivet goes to the hospital to try to speak to the mauling victim
          -Reports back that he was definitely affected by the delerium

Jun. 13th, 2011

Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 6/12/11 - Runaway Frank

Saturday Night

Go home, patrol, take care of loose ends

  • Nicole finds a note in a trash can reading, "Sorry I was gone so long.  Be back soon. -Joe"
  • Rebecca seeks her aunt and is invited to the reservation
    • Everyone there is dressed well - Soaring Eagle has come to visit and wishes to speak to Rebecca
      •  Recap - Soaring Eagle is the Oldest Uktena, cursed by Jake so that he can't die until Jake dies
    • Rebecca is the Reborn Sage, and her task from a previous life is not complete.
    • Other Silvermanes have died horrible deaths.
    • Soaring Eagle is here because the last Silvermane warned him of a dream she had before her death: A great wolf came and said that, "silver isn't a gift - it's a curse.  You are a poisoned rabbit set out to be eaten by predators.  You will be eaten, but they shall not be slain."
    • Offers to teach her two rites - Rite of the Sacred Flame and Rite of the Spirit Cage.  Rebecca also asks to learn two more while she's at it.  Also gains renown
    • Inform the pack that she will be busy for a bit.
  • Nicole and Darcy plan to write a book about the changing breeds to be housed in the Umbra
  • Darcy speaks to Fianna Elders.  Gains renown and attunes to the Knot of Protection acquired in London.
  • Lana goes home and hacks into DNA Labs
    • Local location has not been reopened.  Dominic has been terminated.
    • Some files have been encrypted, but Lana is not able to uncode them.
    • She does find listing for other DNA Labs locations - Quebec, South Dakota, North Carolina
    • A facility nearby offers cash for blood work on kin
  • Nicole activates the barking chain to inform all of DNA Labs and to warn kin not to participate in blood work.  Also invites others to send DNA Labs refugees to us.
  • Nicole scouts a location to dump her new proteges.
Sunday Morning

More individual goals:
  • Rebecca and Soaring Eagle discuss Forgotten Dream and his usefulness
    • Rebecca is warned that he had trained the other Silvermanes, so don't follow him blindly
  • Rebecca also talks to Aunt about Dream Realms
  • Nicole goes to church - Fr. Simon is there!
    • He says that the problem is solved.  Found records that Antichrist Serum was the power source for creating the doppelgangers, but has since gone missing.
    • Also ask him about the People Who Mate with the Pets of the Snake People - he says they could be Bubasti
    • He has never heard of Gaia taking away someone's changing ability, but speculates that he could if she wanted to.  Says that if you wanted to talk to Gaia you could see Danu, who would get you to Eshtara, who could get you to Gaia - but that would be really stupid.
  • Lana summons a spider and binds it into her hacking program
    • Tries again to hack into DNA Labs.
    • Previous hacker namd Dreammaker
    • DNA had files on Merlin's Angels, but these were hidden.
    • Traces previous hacker to a warehouse owned by Dominic.  Speculation ensues.

Preparing for the Mokole birth

  • Pack meets at the theater to talk to Janet (the Mokole woman)
  • Explain that the child is not one of the Innocents - this is a big relief for the mother.
  • We explain what Karl had said about Dream Realms
  • Lana uses her machiney-ness to do an ultrasound via touch to try to determine the form of the baby
    • Finds a tail and a long head - seems to be humanoid alligator.  Has teeth, claws, and some scales.  Feet at one point shift into flippers and back.  There is more similar shifting - the baby doesn't seem to be set in form.  He is male.
  • Pack goes to the Black Furies to ask if they know anything about birthing Metis
    • Susan says that the mother should be in Chrinos during the third trimester and should learn lamaze
    • She inquires about the tribe, etc. of the mother - since she doesn't seem overly judgmental the pack starts sharing details.
    • She agrees to help us research reptile live birth, etc.  All head off to the library.
  • Darcy goes back with some lamaze info and asks Janet about the logistics of her being in her Archid form.  Janet says that there should be room for her here in the theater, but she will need to keep her scales moist.  She shifts and is about 18 ft. long.  She and Darcy start going over lamaze
  • Library closes at about 3:00 and rest of pack returns to theater.  Nicole decides that she could sign up for a lamaze class herself to get more info for Janet.  Asks Gilded Thunder to provide her with a male partner to take to the class.  Ivet delegates Boris.  Hilarity ensues.
    • As they go to sign up for the class there is some discussion of owning one's place in the pack, no matter what it is.  Boris lies the metaphor of the omega being what the pack's foundation is built on.
    • Lamaze class will meet on Wednesdays and Fridays for three weeks, starting this week.
  • Meanwhile, Lana and Ivet go to scout the warehouse
    • Lana seems to overhear one side of a conversation in her head.  It's the voice that trapped her when she lost her name.  It says that, "This will be harder than you think, but we can make it happen."  Followed by, "As you wish; it shall be made so."  Then there is the sound of a generator powering up.
    • With thermal imaging, Lana sees that there are lots of cats inside who are being tested - seem to be suspended in the air in the feta position.  There are two large humans plus two normal-sized humans.  Nothing in the apartments across the street where the cats once were.

A generally peaceful day
  • School for Darcy, Lana, and Rebecca
  • After school Lana does another ultrasound
    • Baby seems to be fine, but is much larger and more consistently has Archid traits
  • The pack goes hunting
    • Hunts down a doe, which is eaten by the pack
    • Hunts a buck to take back to Janet
    • All clean up Umbra side in the park's pond
  • Lana rigs up the sprinkler system for Janet
  • Pack asks Frank what his plans are now that so many of the DNA Labs refugees have found homes.  He is elusive as always
    • Frank warns us that other Garou are not likely to take action against DNA Labs and that we'll have to take care of the other locations ourselves.  When it is explained that we've spread the word so that other packs can take care of things, he is highly skeptical.  Asks why we bothered with the local location - takes interest when we explain that we'd gone looking for a friend.  Explain who gets what meds when.
    • But in the meantime, the Cat People are stable enough to go home if we can find one for them.  Nicole and Darcy go to the Trash Heap to ask if she can get a message to Bubasti or Silent Striders who might know some.  Trash Heap obliges and also says that Joe is on his way.
  • That evening, Peter and Voice Twice Cracked are sent back to Russia to handle Gilded Thunder's territory.

Oh boy.
  • Early in the day, Nicole goes to the theater and finds a note from Frank.  Says that he's left and that we can fin him at DNA Labs in Quebec.
  • Pack is informed via microphones.  Darcy has Nicole get everyone she can to help find him since he couldn't have gotten too far.  Nicole asks a merlin to look, along with Bob.  Gets remaining Gilded Thunder members to search with her.
  • Nicole tracks his scent to the edge of town before loosing it, but does find large cats tracks.  Follow the tracks, but they eventually all split off into four different directions.
  • Those at school ask Bruce and John if they have any advice.  Bruce has no clue.  John can at least think of some other cat breeds with sneaky tricks, but doesn't come up with anything concrete.
  • The hunting party splits up along the different paths.  All eventually meet up on Boris' bath when their trails end, and eventually Boris' ends in a smiley face.
  • Nicole and Chillwind catch a scent from here, which sadly circles back to the city and ends there in a dead end.
For Next Time:  What to do about Frank:  Continue to track him via Sense of the Prey in the hopes of cutting him off?  Find Garou in Quebec to handle DNA Labs and break him (and others) out?  Or head to Quebec ourselves?


Session Summary 6/11/11 - Rokea Encounters

Saturday - Midday

Continuing the search
  • Sense of the Prey reveals that the Rokea we are tracking is East - toward the ocean
  • Along the way the packs encounter a Lupus Bone Gnawer who looks more like a sheepdog
    • Banter ensues between he and Nicole
    • He offers Nicole "armor" to wear while fighting the sharks
    • He leads us to a shack on the beach.
      • Inside we find scuba gear, surfboard, etc., as well as two suits of anti-shark armor
      • More banter - he's rather insulting to Fera and SIlver Fangs.  ays he won't give s the shark suits unless we fight them.
      • Decide it's not worth it and leave.
  • We track Mateo's scent north to a rock outcropping concealed from view.  Old footprints can be found.
  • Nicole and Rebecca try to step sideways to see if anything is there, but have trouble stepping.  Rebecca finally makes it, followed by Lana.
    • They see a large cloud of smoke heading south over the water - Wyrm taint.  Lana sees that the smog hovers above a skeletal ship.  Both remember seeing a ship Real WOrld side with the Pentex logo.
    • Report back.
    • Tell Sheepdog that it's his job to combat the Wyrm.  He denies it because it isn't his territory.  Is quite snotty. 
    • Nicole and Dary reprimand sternly.  Boris jumps in and picks him up by the cruff of his neck and yells - he runs off.
  • Packs refocus their efforts on finding the Rokea
  • Decide to rent a large boat and investigate
    • First head north to collect the shark armor from the shack.  Peter manage to flood the engine and gets tangled into a net marking the swim area.  Nicole swims in to collect gear while the engine is untangled.
    • Sail out to spot above where Rokea is and see a dark cloud under water.  A bit later a great white shark swims north.  Speculate that there is a caern below.
    • Nicole dives to try to get the sharks' attention, hooked to the ship with a tether.  Seems to attract a tiger hark.  Other sharks circle below near a sunken ship, surrounding a reef shark. 
    • Lana uses sonar to see what is below - sees a "school" of something large approaching
    • When none of the Rokea surface, we rig a waterproof walkie talkie to lower below.  Darcy talks into the other end and asks if we can speak to them.  The sharks start circling the boat, but no one surfaces.
    • Darcy eventually tells the whole story of why we're there.  Lana senses that one of the sharks has gotten bigger.  The great white shark turns around.
    • Peter veers the ship to avoid a charging shark.  Darcy makes one more plea.  Rebecca being playing her Harmony Flute, and Nicole holds up the walkie talkie so that it can be hears underwater.  Sharks seem to slow down a bit.
    • The reef shark shifts to homid and climbs aboard.  He introduces himself as Bleeds-Night.  Darcy introduces the packs.  Tell whole story again with full details.  He agrees that we should take him to Nosedive - and fast!  Clearly we've interrupted something.
    • With the other sharks persuing we head to a more northern dock and drop off the boat, claiming engine trouble for the incorrect location.  Sadly, Peter won't be getting his deposit back.
    • We learn that Mateo had been killed by the others because he was born homid.  Bleeds-Night was attacked because he's a go-betweener (spends time on both land and water).
    • Reach land and wait for Travel.  Bleeds-Night tells story of how he first went on land.  Conversation is also peppered with much explanation of Rokea mythology.
  • Darcy and Ivet check in with Black Furies.  Others proceed straight to the movie theater.
  • The theater is a bit in shambles - apparently Nosedive had freaked out at a noie made by the popcorn maker.
  • Bleeds-Night and Nosedive have a little staredown.  Bleeds-Night declares that he's crazy - Nosedive thinks that he's underwater.  Suggests getting him to the ocean immediately.
    • Bleeds-Night says that he recognizes Nosedive from stories - he is centuries old, named Wavebreak.
  • There is some discussion of Rokea history.  Also talk about the Impergium - we answer that our ancestors were full of themselves.  Talk about Rokea litany.
Off to the Sea
  • Darcy borrows her parents' car, as we are advised that the Umbra would be a bad idea.  Apparently you don't go into Sea's Soul uninvited.
    • Darcy, Nosedive, Bleeds-Night, Frank take the car.  Frank borrows the second shark suit.
    • Others will meet at the coast.  Will wait a bit to leave because Travel is so fast.
  • Find Bob and invite him to come along.
  • Jeff is looking for Nicole.  She gets to mentor the Bone Gnawers from Mississippi - apparently her words to them made quite the impression on the Elders there.  Jeff gives Nicole a pay-as-you-go cell phone so that the newbies can get ahold of her.  When asked why Jeff didn't give her his phone number, Jeff replies that she was smart enough that he didn't think she'd need it.
  • Meanwhile in the car, Nosedive gets jittery when he sees the ocean.  Darcy pulls the car over and all get out and walk toward the ocean.  Frank leads Nosedive while Bleeds-Night walks ahead, keeping eye contact with Nosedive.
  • Near the shore Nosedive books, but is stopped.  They get him to water and Nosedive tries to swim, but he doesn't shift and nearly drowns.  He seems to have forgotten how to shift.
  • Bleeds-Night uses the Drown gift on everyone to help.
  • There are mermaids in the area who head Nosedive sending.  Messenger fish also come and cling to Nosedive and Bleeds-Night.
  • The mermaids sing.  Rebecca imitates.  Teaching ensues.
  • Another talks to Darcy and asks what we're doing.  he explains that Nosedive needs help changing.  The mermaid offers to help in exchange for stories.  Darcy eagerly agrees.
  • Bleeds-Night is hesitant, but agrees that it might be a good idea.  All swim deeper to a coral reef where the merfolk live.  One there is approached and he says he can help (his words are translated).  He pulls at Nosedive's body, and changes him into a tiger shark.  Merman apologies and then changes him to his proper breed.
  • The merfolk demand stories.  Darcy tells two (pack's formation and an embellished version of how she tricked Joe) before demanding to check on Nosedive.
  • When we return to Noedive and co., Bleeds-Night says that Nosedive is no longer a shifter, but he is still in shark form.  Sea has rejected him.
  • He asks the merfolk if there is a grotto nearby, and they inform him of one.  Bleeds-Night goes to try to take Nosedive there in the hopes that maybe they can do something there.  Merlin's Angels go back to land.
For next time:  Helping Janet, the Mokole woman.
Darcy and Bottle


Session Summary 6/11/11 - Beach Party

Saturday Evening:

Beach Party!
  • Plan for bonfire, food, tiki torches.  Others start showing up (not all Garou) and bring more food, booze, music.
  • Lana summons a fire spirit Umbra side to make our bonfire awesome, promising that it can burn lots of marshmallows, etc.
  • Discover that the guitarist who arrived is a Mokole named Karl
    • Nicole engages him in conversation.  Hilarity ensues.
    • Later more conversation happens (a bit more serious this time) while Ivet's pack and a drunk Darcy run distraction.
      • Karl says that if the SUn doesn't give the baby a dream, it can't live and even if it did it would kill the mother.  It's not our place to interfere.
      • He then spaces out and babbles about having a choice and not wanting to eat the rabbit - seems to be prophacizing.
      • He then explains that Innocents (Metis) have no dream so they die.  But the baby isn't an Innocent.  We may need to go to the pace of dreams - a Dream Realm.
  • At some point Peter (having a delightful good time at this party) runs off to snog some random party-goer.  Darcy does the same.  Darcy is also surprisingly capable of walking on her hands while drunk.
Saturday Morning

All eventually wake up and make plans for proceeding.
  • Beer for those with hangovers
  • Darcy arranges a seaweed garland on Peter's head while he sleeps
  • Decide that we need to head to Florida
  • First go to the local library to reearch likely locations to find sharks - decide to head down toward the Florida Keys, Atlantic side
In Florida:
  • Howl introduction and are met by Ted Hightide (Child of Gaia), Rank 3 alpha of the pack who holds this territory
  • He says there was a Rokea sighting two nights ago - there were two on land fighting over a man
  • Takes us to the houe where the fight happened.  It is damaged from the fight and there are silver shells from a shotgun.
    • The house is owned by Mateo Cordova, the man who was taken.  He left with one of the Rokea after the fight in a Jeep.
  • Pack debates the pros and cons of persuit since the Rokea from the incident could be prone to attacking us if we approach
    • Decide to track the one who left with Mateo.  Will track them, but will not get involved with the Rokea's fight.
For Next Time:  Track down the Rokea

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