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Session Summary 6/11/11 - Beach Party

Saturday Evening:

Beach Party!
  • Plan for bonfire, food, tiki torches.  Others start showing up (not all Garou) and bring more food, booze, music.
  • Lana summons a fire spirit Umbra side to make our bonfire awesome, promising that it can burn lots of marshmallows, etc.
  • Discover that the guitarist who arrived is a Mokole named Karl
    • Nicole engages him in conversation.  Hilarity ensues.
    • Later more conversation happens (a bit more serious this time) while Ivet's pack and a drunk Darcy run distraction.
      • Karl says that if the SUn doesn't give the baby a dream, it can't live and even if it did it would kill the mother.  It's not our place to interfere.
      • He then spaces out and babbles about having a choice and not wanting to eat the rabbit - seems to be prophacizing.
      • He then explains that Innocents (Metis) have no dream so they die.  But the baby isn't an Innocent.  We may need to go to the pace of dreams - a Dream Realm.
  • At some point Peter (having a delightful good time at this party) runs off to snog some random party-goer.  Darcy does the same.  Darcy is also surprisingly capable of walking on her hands while drunk.
Saturday Morning

All eventually wake up and make plans for proceeding.
  • Beer for those with hangovers
  • Darcy arranges a seaweed garland on Peter's head while he sleeps
  • Decide that we need to head to Florida
  • First go to the local library to reearch likely locations to find sharks - decide to head down toward the Florida Keys, Atlantic side
In Florida:
  • Howl introduction and are met by Ted Hightide (Child of Gaia), Rank 3 alpha of the pack who holds this territory
  • He says there was a Rokea sighting two nights ago - there were two on land fighting over a man
  • Takes us to the houe where the fight happened.  It is damaged from the fight and there are silver shells from a shotgun.
    • The house is owned by Mateo Cordova, the man who was taken.  He left with one of the Rokea after the fight in a Jeep.
  • Pack debates the pros and cons of persuit since the Rokea from the incident could be prone to attacking us if we approach
    • Decide to track the one who left with Mateo.  Will track them, but will not get involved with the Rokea's fight.
For Next Time:  Track down the Rokea
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