July 27th, 2013

Darcy and Bottle

Session Summary 7/27/2013: We Have A Caern!


Nicole tells Fr. Simon that we want to meet with him after school.

Nothing eventful happens at school.

Go to O'aka's apartment to talk about the Cloudcatcher situation.

  • Corax who follow the pack turn around near the apartment – seem to be redirected.

  • Tell O'aka and Fr. Simon about Jack's death.

    • Aren't sure that he's really dead since he's come back before.

    • No one is sure how he does that or if it'll happen again. Will there dismembering, burning, and cleansing of his body be enough? Only time will tell.

  • Lana gives them the Anichrist Serum.

  • Asks about the Bastet issue, and pack updates them. They say that the Bastet are being more aggressive than is really necessary, but they aren't actually doing anything wrong. We're told to be sure to tell them that the Bastet killed at the warehouse were not of Gaia.

  • Naga offer to be at the meeting as well, just in case. Won't intervene unless absolutely needed, but they'll be there.

  • Decide to change the meeting location to the park when the time comes.

Try to summon a unicorn

  • Go to talk to Dave, our Child of Gaia contact. He offers us lemonade.

  • Ask if he can help us find a unicorn. He invites us inside his house (which smells of incense and pot). All step sideways. In the Umbra, go outside again and a unicorn is outside in the front yard. Dave introduces her as Maybelline. She asks if we are Dave's friends. We are, and Dave agrees.

  • Nicole introduces us to Maybelline and asks if she'd be willing to help mediate. She is very agreeable – all part of her job.

  • Rebecca asks if Maybelline can give us some advice about what to do with Janet. She suggests: Going to Arcadia (there are dreams at the gate), going to the dream realm, or getting a dreamstone (which allows you to see/experience the dreams of others). Also says that Rite of the Dreaming would allow us to enter the dream zone. Dave knows the rite!

    • Explains that the rite involves turning some herbs into a paste which is eaten or, in the case of the baby, have the mother eat first, and/or smear on its head when born.

    • Dave also volunteers to be on call if needed to this end.

      Leave Rebecca to study with Dave. Rest of pack goes to do patrols.

  • Tell Janet about the plan during patrols. She's happy.

  • Stop by restaurant with tainted meat. Meat is still tainted.

  • Go hunting for Janet.

  • Actually have time to do homework! Nicole does some construction work on the theater after lamaze class. Shadow Lords help.

  • Bob shows up. Says DJ is at the Jeep. Says DJ agrees that his actions were a bit foolish, but needed doing. Bob is also very proud of his ability to boss around lower-ranking Corax.


Nothing eventful at school.

After school, a bit more homework, construction, training, etc.

Darcy scouts a place for the meeting at the park. Sees a rattlesnake by the pond. Talks to squirrels.

While Lana is training Brawl with Ivet and Boris, Forgotten Dream (as a merlin, of course) does his naming things thing again. Makes Ivet's face pink as well.

  • Lana decides to name the color spirit Spectrum. The spirit gets very excited. Announces his name proudly. Colors get brighter. The gauntlet weakens somewhat. The area becomes a caern, and the color spirit is the spirit of the caern. Huzzah!

  • Borders of the caern are our territory. Pegasus are now protectors of the caern and have become more powerful. Outside of the territory, an aurora borealis is visible.

  • As Darcy returns to the territory, she sees another pack trying to see what's going on. It seems as though Frank's riddle has expanded over the entire caern.

  • Maybelline senses the caern and manifests real world side to tell Dave. Dave, Rebecca go to check it out and get in with no problem.

  • Koi have appeared in the library's fountain and our graffiti territory markings are brighter, but otherwise no other affects on the real world side.

  • Bible spirit is whole and repaired, and doesn't seem to recall having lost one of his books.

  • Rebecca calls her aunt for advice on what to do with the caern. She promises to come.

  • Black Furies, Joe, and Bob get in with no troubles.

    • Tell Joe about the caern. Determine it is a Wyld caern.

    • Kahn is Jacob Kelly, Rank 4, leader of the Taklah of Shining Fire. This group was created when Kelly heard that Bastet were being murdered by Garou. Was created specifically for this purpose with Simba who generally don't even like cities. Everyone has silver weapons. They've set traps at the warehouse, mostly barricades to prevent escape. Kelly has a reputation for being especially ruthless – no regard to humans in the way, etc. Orders to create this group came from above. Afa is the one who made the magic rain and lightning. Kelly also have some other water rites, but they generally involve oceans and aren't a real worry around here.

  • Start getting howls from other Garou who want to get in. One pack is the Get. We go talk to them. They insist that they're taking over the territory because the gauntlet has been weakened and the veil needs to be protected. We tell them that they're no better that they are no better than we are (rank, ability, etc.) and we have it under control. They continue to argue. Darcy tells that that they're not exactly in charge of the city and there isn't a sept or caern to give the city's Garou any real structute...except oops! There is now! Walk away.

  • Get phone call from Fr. Simon. Apparently people (Glasswalkers) have been calling around trying to track us down. Also, the gargoyles at the church are all woken up. O'aka is on his way in the guise of a hedgemage to help us out.

  • Darcy howls to tell the other Garou to go away for now. We're dealing with it and have full control of the territory. Eventually the howling stops.

  • Nicole also calls Jeff, who left the soup kitchen awhile ago. He arrives soon. When he arrives, Alfred (the Ananasi) forms from small spiders on Jeff's back. Alfred says he'd had trouble getting in, which is why he hitched a ride. He thinks the caern needs more webs.

  • Rebecca's aunt arrives with a few other elders. O'aka also arrives.

    • Tell us that we have a Rank 3 caern. Because it is a Wyld caren and the color spirit is a wildling, we get bonuses for anything that would benefit the caern via Rite of the Open Caern.

    • A caern like this has never happened before. Ever.

    • The spirit has become super powerful in a very short time.

    • Spirits named on the totem pole seem to be more powerful in the caern.

    • Set up a moonbridge to the Uktena caern. Allies!

    • The Uktena agree to help us set up a sept. Would be a good idea to bring in others that we trust as well. Who to add?

      • Joe & Bob

      • Black Furies

      • Jeff and pack

      • Ivet and pack, but they already have their own sept.

      • Bruce and John

      • Alfred

        • Darcy and Nicole talk to Alfred about his intentions. He wants to join the sept to protect the caern and represent the Weaver. Wants a seat on the council.

      • Janet

        • Lana and Rebecca talk to Janet and invite her to join the sept. She asks for some time to think about it given her pregnancy.

        • Hear the Grundrr squealing. Call for Nicole. Darcy follows.

        • Grundrr is frenzying, tearing things apart.

        • Rebecca tires her flute, but it doesn't calm him.

        • Go to get Dave and Maybelline. They suggest opening the door. Lana does. Grundrr goes to the door. Dave makes a calming gesture, strokes his nose, and he falls over asleep (Calm gift). Nicole talks to Dave about him helping to care for the Grundrr in the future.

      • Dave?

        • Talk to him about his pack. It's him, July (Philadox), and their respective unicorns. No real alpha. Both Rank 2.

        • Judy and her unicorn, Don, come. Done is a little scraggly but proud. Judy bring cookies and constructive criticism.

    • Darcy gets out the celebratory whiskey and passes it around.

    • Pack goes to talk to O'aka.

      • O'aka suggests creating a new Litany for all ferra of the sept to follow:

        • Serve Gaia.

        • Loyalty to the Sept

        • Protection of the Sept and Its Territories

        • Neutral to All Other Ferra

        • Respect for All Ferra's Litanies

      • Agrees to act as a consultant. Odin (who will soon be released from the hospital) will also. BTW, he seemed to start healing well after Cloudcatcher's death.

      • O'aka says Alfred is not trustworthy, but would be a good choice to have in the sept or on the council (though not as the leader).

      • Run other spet member ideas by O'aka. He's good with everyone else, but asks to be notified when the unicorns leave the Children of Gaia as they are helping the two of them cope with the loss of their pack a few years earlier. The unicorns leaving would be a sign that they are ready to be more proactive, productive Garou.

      • Ask O'aka how to deal with different tribes on the Council?

        • Would be good to get sway with Kahn or Simba since they are widely regarded.

        • Take one from each region (South America, Africa, etc.) for both Bastet and Garou.

      • Potential Council Members:

        • Darcy

        • Rebecca

        • Jeff (or someone from his pack)

        • Susan (or someone from her pack)

        • Joe

        • John

        • Alfred

    • Proposed name: Spet of Many Colors

    • Check out fountain / koi pond. Some fish are glowing. They're all different in shape, fins, level of glowing, etc.

      • Crested fins (like lion fish), (not glowing)

      • Stout, broad, and fat (glowing)

      • Long, flexible, eel-like (glowing)

      • Rough scale, bristly (not glowing)

      • Small and smooth (not glowing)

      • Black, large side fins spread wide (glowing)

      • Sleek, spotted/mottled (not glowing)

      • Fins look chewed up (not glowing)

      • Smaller than other small one, malnourished (glowing)

      • Big, burly, with teeth (not glowing)

    • Gather our allies near the fountain. Darcy gives a speech inviting everyone to join the sept, outlining the proposed litany, and when asked a bit about who would be on the council.

    • Everyone we expect to agrees to join.

    • Uktena perform moots to form the sept. Party!

    • Moonbridge forms strongly between our sept and the Uktena sept. Travel is happy.

    • Sept territory expands to include pack territories (though the caern itself does not expand).

    • Nicole goes to check on Grundrr. He's awake and alert. She feeds him and he eats hungrily. Gets Darcy to talk to him (beast speech). He just grunts for awhile, but eventually says “food.” Nicole gets more, which he eats. When finished, he asks for more (“promise food”) Nicole does. Darcy tried to talk to him while she's gone, gets a few more words out of him (yes, when, all of it, more food). He also talks about Wyrm, which he wants to eat. Says that Darcy is Wyrm and tries to eat her arm, but she pulls away. Nicole returns with a garbage pail of “food,” and they lock him in the room again.

      • Get O'aka for advice. Explain situation. Was he created and/or changed at DNA labs? How so? Could more Grundrr be created by breeding kin? Should we talk to a boar spirit? Perhaps one could give him purpose.

For Next Time: Figure out what to do with Grundrr. Summon a boar to that effect. Have council meeting. Gain renown. Prep for meeting with Kelly. Homecoming!