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Session Summary 6/11/11 - Rokea Encounters

Saturday - Midday

Continuing the search
  • Sense of the Prey reveals that the Rokea we are tracking is East - toward the ocean
  • Along the way the packs encounter a Lupus Bone Gnawer who looks more like a sheepdog
    • Banter ensues between he and Nicole
    • He offers Nicole "armor" to wear while fighting the sharks
    • He leads us to a shack on the beach.
      • Inside we find scuba gear, surfboard, etc., as well as two suits of anti-shark armor
      • More banter - he's rather insulting to Fera and SIlver Fangs.  ays he won't give s the shark suits unless we fight them.
      • Decide it's not worth it and leave.
  • We track Mateo's scent north to a rock outcropping concealed from view.  Old footprints can be found.
  • Nicole and Rebecca try to step sideways to see if anything is there, but have trouble stepping.  Rebecca finally makes it, followed by Lana.
    • They see a large cloud of smoke heading south over the water - Wyrm taint.  Lana sees that the smog hovers above a skeletal ship.  Both remember seeing a ship Real WOrld side with the Pentex logo.
    • Report back.
    • Tell Sheepdog that it's his job to combat the Wyrm.  He denies it because it isn't his territory.  Is quite snotty. 
    • Nicole and Dary reprimand sternly.  Boris jumps in and picks him up by the cruff of his neck and yells - he runs off.
  • Packs refocus their efforts on finding the Rokea
  • Decide to rent a large boat and investigate
    • First head north to collect the shark armor from the shack.  Peter manage to flood the engine and gets tangled into a net marking the swim area.  Nicole swims in to collect gear while the engine is untangled.
    • Sail out to spot above where Rokea is and see a dark cloud under water.  A bit later a great white shark swims north.  Speculate that there is a caern below.
    • Nicole dives to try to get the sharks' attention, hooked to the ship with a tether.  Seems to attract a tiger hark.  Other sharks circle below near a sunken ship, surrounding a reef shark. 
    • Lana uses sonar to see what is below - sees a "school" of something large approaching
    • When none of the Rokea surface, we rig a waterproof walkie talkie to lower below.  Darcy talks into the other end and asks if we can speak to them.  The sharks start circling the boat, but no one surfaces.
    • Darcy eventually tells the whole story of why we're there.  Lana senses that one of the sharks has gotten bigger.  The great white shark turns around.
    • Peter veers the ship to avoid a charging shark.  Darcy makes one more plea.  Rebecca being playing her Harmony Flute, and Nicole holds up the walkie talkie so that it can be hears underwater.  Sharks seem to slow down a bit.
    • The reef shark shifts to homid and climbs aboard.  He introduces himself as Bleeds-Night.  Darcy introduces the packs.  Tell whole story again with full details.  He agrees that we should take him to Nosedive - and fast!  Clearly we've interrupted something.
    • With the other sharks persuing we head to a more northern dock and drop off the boat, claiming engine trouble for the incorrect location.  Sadly, Peter won't be getting his deposit back.
    • We learn that Mateo had been killed by the others because he was born homid.  Bleeds-Night was attacked because he's a go-betweener (spends time on both land and water).
    • Reach land and wait for Travel.  Bleeds-Night tells story of how he first went on land.  Conversation is also peppered with much explanation of Rokea mythology.
  • Darcy and Ivet check in with Black Furies.  Others proceed straight to the movie theater.
  • The theater is a bit in shambles - apparently Nosedive had freaked out at a noie made by the popcorn maker.
  • Bleeds-Night and Nosedive have a little staredown.  Bleeds-Night declares that he's crazy - Nosedive thinks that he's underwater.  Suggests getting him to the ocean immediately.
    • Bleeds-Night says that he recognizes Nosedive from stories - he is centuries old, named Wavebreak.
  • There is some discussion of Rokea history.  Also talk about the Impergium - we answer that our ancestors were full of themselves.  Talk about Rokea litany.
Off to the Sea
  • Darcy borrows her parents' car, as we are advised that the Umbra would be a bad idea.  Apparently you don't go into Sea's Soul uninvited.
    • Darcy, Nosedive, Bleeds-Night, Frank take the car.  Frank borrows the second shark suit.
    • Others will meet at the coast.  Will wait a bit to leave because Travel is so fast.
  • Find Bob and invite him to come along.
  • Jeff is looking for Nicole.  She gets to mentor the Bone Gnawers from Mississippi - apparently her words to them made quite the impression on the Elders there.  Jeff gives Nicole a pay-as-you-go cell phone so that the newbies can get ahold of her.  When asked why Jeff didn't give her his phone number, Jeff replies that she was smart enough that he didn't think she'd need it.
  • Meanwhile in the car, Nosedive gets jittery when he sees the ocean.  Darcy pulls the car over and all get out and walk toward the ocean.  Frank leads Nosedive while Bleeds-Night walks ahead, keeping eye contact with Nosedive.
  • Near the shore Nosedive books, but is stopped.  They get him to water and Nosedive tries to swim, but he doesn't shift and nearly drowns.  He seems to have forgotten how to shift.
  • Bleeds-Night uses the Drown gift on everyone to help.
  • There are mermaids in the area who head Nosedive sending.  Messenger fish also come and cling to Nosedive and Bleeds-Night.
  • The mermaids sing.  Rebecca imitates.  Teaching ensues.
  • Another talks to Darcy and asks what we're doing.  he explains that Nosedive needs help changing.  The mermaid offers to help in exchange for stories.  Darcy eagerly agrees.
  • Bleeds-Night is hesitant, but agrees that it might be a good idea.  All swim deeper to a coral reef where the merfolk live.  One there is approached and he says he can help (his words are translated).  He pulls at Nosedive's body, and changes him into a tiger shark.  Merman apologies and then changes him to his proper breed.
  • The merfolk demand stories.  Darcy tells two (pack's formation and an embellished version of how she tricked Joe) before demanding to check on Nosedive.
  • When we return to Noedive and co., Bleeds-Night says that Nosedive is no longer a shifter, but he is still in shark form.  Sea has rejected him.
  • He asks the merfolk if there is a grotto nearby, and they inform him of one.  Bleeds-Night goes to try to take Nosedive there in the hopes that maybe they can do something there.  Merlin's Angels go back to land.
For next time:  Helping Janet, the Mokole woman.
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