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Session Summary 6/12/11 - Runaway Frank

Saturday Night

Go home, patrol, take care of loose ends

  • Nicole finds a note in a trash can reading, "Sorry I was gone so long.  Be back soon. -Joe"
  • Rebecca seeks her aunt and is invited to the reservation
    • Everyone there is dressed well - Soaring Eagle has come to visit and wishes to speak to Rebecca
      •  Recap - Soaring Eagle is the Oldest Uktena, cursed by Jake so that he can't die until Jake dies
    • Rebecca is the Reborn Sage, and her task from a previous life is not complete.
    • Other Silvermanes have died horrible deaths.
    • Soaring Eagle is here because the last Silvermane warned him of a dream she had before her death: A great wolf came and said that, "silver isn't a gift - it's a curse.  You are a poisoned rabbit set out to be eaten by predators.  You will be eaten, but they shall not be slain."
    • Offers to teach her two rites - Rite of the Sacred Flame and Rite of the Spirit Cage.  Rebecca also asks to learn two more while she's at it.  Also gains renown
    • Inform the pack that she will be busy for a bit.
  • Nicole and Darcy plan to write a book about the changing breeds to be housed in the Umbra
  • Darcy speaks to Fianna Elders.  Gains renown and attunes to the Knot of Protection acquired in London.
  • Lana goes home and hacks into DNA Labs
    • Local location has not been reopened.  Dominic has been terminated.
    • Some files have been encrypted, but Lana is not able to uncode them.
    • She does find listing for other DNA Labs locations - Quebec, South Dakota, North Carolina
    • A facility nearby offers cash for blood work on kin
  • Nicole activates the barking chain to inform all of DNA Labs and to warn kin not to participate in blood work.  Also invites others to send DNA Labs refugees to us.
  • Nicole scouts a location to dump her new proteges.
Sunday Morning

More individual goals:
  • Rebecca and Soaring Eagle discuss Forgotten Dream and his usefulness
    • Rebecca is warned that he had trained the other Silvermanes, so don't follow him blindly
  • Rebecca also talks to Aunt about Dream Realms
  • Nicole goes to church - Fr. Simon is there!
    • He says that the problem is solved.  Found records that Antichrist Serum was the power source for creating the doppelgangers, but has since gone missing.
    • Also ask him about the People Who Mate with the Pets of the Snake People - he says they could be Bubasti
    • He has never heard of Gaia taking away someone's changing ability, but speculates that he could if she wanted to.  Says that if you wanted to talk to Gaia you could see Danu, who would get you to Eshtara, who could get you to Gaia - but that would be really stupid.
  • Lana summons a spider and binds it into her hacking program
    • Tries again to hack into DNA Labs.
    • Previous hacker namd Dreammaker
    • DNA had files on Merlin's Angels, but these were hidden.
    • Traces previous hacker to a warehouse owned by Dominic.  Speculation ensues.

Preparing for the Mokole birth

  • Pack meets at the theater to talk to Janet (the Mokole woman)
  • Explain that the child is not one of the Innocents - this is a big relief for the mother.
  • We explain what Karl had said about Dream Realms
  • Lana uses her machiney-ness to do an ultrasound via touch to try to determine the form of the baby
    • Finds a tail and a long head - seems to be humanoid alligator.  Has teeth, claws, and some scales.  Feet at one point shift into flippers and back.  There is more similar shifting - the baby doesn't seem to be set in form.  He is male.
  • Pack goes to the Black Furies to ask if they know anything about birthing Metis
    • Susan says that the mother should be in Chrinos during the third trimester and should learn lamaze
    • She inquires about the tribe, etc. of the mother - since she doesn't seem overly judgmental the pack starts sharing details.
    • She agrees to help us research reptile live birth, etc.  All head off to the library.
  • Darcy goes back with some lamaze info and asks Janet about the logistics of her being in her Archid form.  Janet says that there should be room for her here in the theater, but she will need to keep her scales moist.  She shifts and is about 18 ft. long.  She and Darcy start going over lamaze
  • Library closes at about 3:00 and rest of pack returns to theater.  Nicole decides that she could sign up for a lamaze class herself to get more info for Janet.  Asks Gilded Thunder to provide her with a male partner to take to the class.  Ivet delegates Boris.  Hilarity ensues.
    • As they go to sign up for the class there is some discussion of owning one's place in the pack, no matter what it is.  Boris lies the metaphor of the omega being what the pack's foundation is built on.
    • Lamaze class will meet on Wednesdays and Fridays for three weeks, starting this week.
  • Meanwhile, Lana and Ivet go to scout the warehouse
    • Lana seems to overhear one side of a conversation in her head.  It's the voice that trapped her when she lost her name.  It says that, "This will be harder than you think, but we can make it happen."  Followed by, "As you wish; it shall be made so."  Then there is the sound of a generator powering up.
    • With thermal imaging, Lana sees that there are lots of cats inside who are being tested - seem to be suspended in the air in the feta position.  There are two large humans plus two normal-sized humans.  Nothing in the apartments across the street where the cats once were.

A generally peaceful day
  • School for Darcy, Lana, and Rebecca
  • After school Lana does another ultrasound
    • Baby seems to be fine, but is much larger and more consistently has Archid traits
  • The pack goes hunting
    • Hunts down a doe, which is eaten by the pack
    • Hunts a buck to take back to Janet
    • All clean up Umbra side in the park's pond
  • Lana rigs up the sprinkler system for Janet
  • Pack asks Frank what his plans are now that so many of the DNA Labs refugees have found homes.  He is elusive as always
    • Frank warns us that other Garou are not likely to take action against DNA Labs and that we'll have to take care of the other locations ourselves.  When it is explained that we've spread the word so that other packs can take care of things, he is highly skeptical.  Asks why we bothered with the local location - takes interest when we explain that we'd gone looking for a friend.  Explain who gets what meds when.
    • But in the meantime, the Cat People are stable enough to go home if we can find one for them.  Nicole and Darcy go to the Trash Heap to ask if she can get a message to Bubasti or Silent Striders who might know some.  Trash Heap obliges and also says that Joe is on his way.
  • That evening, Peter and Voice Twice Cracked are sent back to Russia to handle Gilded Thunder's territory.

Oh boy.
  • Early in the day, Nicole goes to the theater and finds a note from Frank.  Says that he's left and that we can fin him at DNA Labs in Quebec.
  • Pack is informed via microphones.  Darcy has Nicole get everyone she can to help find him since he couldn't have gotten too far.  Nicole asks a merlin to look, along with Bob.  Gets remaining Gilded Thunder members to search with her.
  • Nicole tracks his scent to the edge of town before loosing it, but does find large cats tracks.  Follow the tracks, but they eventually all split off into four different directions.
  • Those at school ask Bruce and John if they have any advice.  Bruce has no clue.  John can at least think of some other cat breeds with sneaky tricks, but doesn't come up with anything concrete.
  • The hunting party splits up along the different paths.  All eventually meet up on Boris' bath when their trails end, and eventually Boris' ends in a smiley face.
  • Nicole and Chillwind catch a scent from here, which sadly circles back to the city and ends there in a dead end.
For Next Time:  What to do about Frank:  Continue to track him via Sense of the Prey in the hopes of cutting him off?  Find Garou in Quebec to handle DNA Labs and break him (and others) out?  Or head to Quebec ourselves?
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