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Session Summary 8/20/11: The Plot Thickens

Tuesday, After School

Rebecca and Nicole come up with possible courses of action:
    -Take no action and leave Frank to his own devices.
    -Track him down via other means (Sense of the Prey, etc.)
    -Inform Garou in DNA Labs territories
    -Coordinate a raid of all 3 locations at once

Lana and Darcy join after work/cross country
    -Decide to leave Frank be and handle the local warehouse issue instead.
    -Debate the pros and cons of at least tracking him down on the road to explain why we're not coming for him.  Decide that we don't really owe him - he's already been told

Ivet shows pack a newspaper article about how someone was mauled by a large cat.
    -Speculate:  Bastet?  Chimera?  Just some big cat?

Group splits to tackle varous tasks

    -Lana and Darcy will surveil the warehouse
          -Air in the area is thick with Wyrm taint - it's either being masked or is not strong.
          -Check Umbra:  Wyrm scent is worse, implying that the Real World smell is bleedover.
          -Two guards Umbra side at entrance, with fangs, jaws like a saw, fingers like scalpels, long limbs, bony, about 7 ft tall - spirits of fear.
          -Patern spiders on the roof.  Lana sees that they are perfect.  Camera geomids are awake.
          -Lana's heat sense reaveals a big, blinding heat on the ground floor.  Vaguely humanoid in shape and moving around a bit.  
          -Back on the Real World side - cats are no longer suspended and there are more humanoids moving around (~8).  Also the two big guys and some machines.
          -Lana uses Power Surge to turn off a security camera.  After five seconds hears the voice: "Master, it appears that a camera is no longer working.  The spirits are not cooperating."  "It shall be done."  The camera turns back on and smells Wyrmy, like burned rubber.

    -Rebecca and Nicole try to track down a Chimmerling to get information about dream realms, but get a little distracted...
          -Step to the Umbra and see a raven.  Can't tell immediately if it is a spirit, Corax, etc.  Does not respond to questions or a nickle.  Flies NNE to a house.  Follow.
          -At the house the raven again does not respond to questions.  Decide to investigate the house.  
          -Find lots of meat in the refrigerator, not packaged and hanging.
          -Nicole shifts to Lupus.  Raven starts to eat the meat.  Nicole smells something from the steps leading downstairs - smells like musky animal.
          -Scent of the True Form reveals that the raven is a spirit.
          -Investigate downstairs.  Scent is feline.  Find a nest, meat, a drain, and en egress window that provides escape.  Conclusion:  Someone is physically storing a large cat in the Umbra.
          -Nicole uses the Streets Tell Stories gift - Jack was the one feeding the cat, saying "Here you go you little beast; you need to keep your strength up."  Was there within past 18 hours or so.
          -Try to track the cat's trail.  But raven says "Nevermore!" and flies North.  Follow.  Leads to the Black Spiral church.
                -Someone is clearly living in the church.
                -There are signs of practice combat.
                -The symbol on the floor has been redrawn.
                -Raven says with resignation: "Black Spirals Nevermore" and flies off.
          -There is a shimmer in there air - someone is stepping sideways.  Hide.
                -Four humans - garou - step:  One with antlers, one with glowing eyes.
                -Overhear them say, "Why do we have to work with the cats?"  "It's better than the raven" in Russian.
          -Go back to the house to check it out Real World side.  Find three dead bodies - Dad, Mom, and a girl, all with their eyes removed.
          -Hear a noise in the vent - It's O'aka in snake form.  He shifts up.  At this point there is microphone communication with Darcy and Lana.  Darcy asks to speak to O'aka to get the whole story.
                -Confirms that Jack is back and somehow, inexplicably alive.  He's been working with Ajaba (werehyeneas) who are Wyrm tainted.  Has been keeping the chimera in the basement.
                -O'aka asks that we not hang out at the house for fear of scaring him off.  Darcy begrugingly consents but asks what else the pack can do to help - take care of BSDs, etc.  O'aka refuses to offer suggestion as Odin has said that he's helped us too much before.  Darcy tells him that Odin can shove it and that we're just using our resources.

    -Rebecca and Nicole then go and attempt to actually track down a Chimmerling
          -Try hospital first, but there are no sleep studies at this time and none to be found.  Head back to the library to summon.
          -Chimmerling is apparently a large praying mantis with robes and a hat like a Cardinal's.  He seems irritated.
          -Nicole gives him a dreamcatcher and some gnosis and he becomes more irritated - says that she should look into where exactly she came from.
          -Won't tell them were the dream reals are because we have no use for it and the Mokole even less.  Tells us to find the lute of Shiafleenax and pluck the fourth string - perhaps then we will understand the folly of what we find normal.
          -His name:  Niocenea Selcrana

    -Meanwhile, Darcy and Lana find DJ sleeping in his Jeep.  He's been hiding.  Gathered some trash and Trash Heap visits sometimes.  He's not lying.
          -Apologize for him having to hide but he'll have to lay low for awhile longer until we kill Jack...again.
          -DJ says that the crack to the Abyss is growing.
          -Darcy and Lana make a grocery run for DJ before heading back.
          -Lana places a camera to continue to observe the warehouse.

  -Ivet goes to the hospital to try to speak to the mauling victim
          -Reports back that he was definitely affected by the delerium
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