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Session Summary 8/21/11: Raid Time

Wednesday Night:
Lana has a dream, which she shares on the way/at school, about how Jake gave Travel his name.

Thursday, After School:
Patrol, then meet to discuss raid strategy.
  -We expect to have about 40 all told.
  -Plan a two-front assult - lots, including lots of Theurges, in the Umbra to handle the bane, plus a physical assault in the Real World to handle Dominic.

Darcy and Lana scout the warehouse
  -X-ray in the Umbra reveals piles of bones, 2 humanoids.
  -Real World - more bones, two large creatures with big growths - famori?  Other humanoids seem normal.
  -Camera is whole and looks like it should be working, but it isn't.  Umbral there is a magnetic geomid.  Geomid says he's not moving as this is his home.  Says we're going to die; will call guards in 10 seconds.  Lana and Darcy step and move the camera - it works fine in a new location.
  -Then spend some time learning gifts to prepare for the battle.

Rebecca, Nicole, and Chillwind go to Reservation to discuss strategy with Soaring Eagle.
  -He has a plan to use fetishes to banish the bane.

Darcy lands a date to homecoming!  John asks Rebecca!  Also must find a date for Lana.  Debate the pros and cons of Bruce asking Nicole.

6:00 - Troops start gathering for the raid
  -Have a larger army than expected - about 56 are there, including some Ratkin, the Bastet, our Corax friends, and lots of Garou (Uktena, Fianna, Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Ivet's pack, Black Furies, Get of Fenris).
  -Sort the troops into two groups*
       -Ivet will lead the Umbral team.
       -Jeff will lead the Real World team.
  -Umbra team steps, then all troops march.
  -Glasswalkers knock out generators, leaving he block without power.  Charge!
  -Lights turn back on after first round of combat.
  -Dreammaker calcifies Ivet.  Lana frenzies.  Then calcifies one of the Theurges.
       -Rebecca is able to free the Theurge and over the course of combat also frees Ivet.
  -The Theurges eventually bind Dreammaker. 
  -Meanwhile, Diminic has silver armor and becomes uber-soaky.  Also does a strange thing that makes some (Boris, John, Bruce) want to stop fighting.  Dominic grapples Boris and uses him as a shield.
  -Jeff manages to get Boris free, then throws grenades.  But Dominic does something and Jeff's pack is caught in the explosion, clearly down for the count (quickly start to heal when combat ends). 
  -Meanwhile, lots of trouble in the Umbra as the building is being calcified.  Gauntlet is too thick to step sideways or open the door normally.  Nicole uses some uber-strengthto rip off the door.
  -Meanwhile, Jeff gives Darcy and Boris grenates.  Throw.  Boom!  Dead Dominic. 
  -Victory howls, ect.

For Next Time:  Cleansing the warehouse, healing, and celebration.  Shopping for homecoming dresses.

*For reference:  Here is the breakdown of who was in which prong of the raid:

Real World (21)
Jeff and his pack
Get (pack)
Uktena (pack)
Two Fianna
Jerry Beguiler (vouched for by one of the Fianna)

Umbra (35)
Uktena (pack)
Susan and her pack
Finanna (pack)
Glass Walkers (pack)
Bone Gnawers (pack)
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