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Session Summary 11/25/11: Homecoming Shopping, Missing DJ, and a Great Big I-Told-You-So

Friday Evening
Cleanse the warehouse - Summon unicorns to assist
Destroy computers
Bob and Joe leave
Back to Friendly Spirits for celebration
  • Bob and Joe return.  When asked, Joe doesn't say much - he was checking in with people.  Bob occasionally looks sad.
  • Yay, party!

Go hunting to get food for Janet.  Catch scent of Red Talons in woods - they seem to be expanding their territory.
Sky in territory is dimmer than usual in Umbra.  Other areas as well, but sky is most noticable.
Clean up and go shopping for homecoming dresses.
  • Succcess!
  • Cannot talk Nicole into buying a dress.
  • Talk some random boys into buying us lnch at the food court.
  • Bruce and John sit nearby.  Rebecca walks over to tell John about her dress.  Bruce has not had luck landing a date.  John offers to find a friend to ask Nicole.  Calls Tom, introduces him to Nicole.  Pack eventually convinces her to go with him.
  • Pack goes to thrift store to find dress for Nicole.  Success!
Nicole goes to "confession" to ask Fr. Simon if he knows anything re: the cylinder.
  • He speculates that it may be the missing power supply from the Scab - it's the right size, but that's just speculation.
  • Says he can ask Odin, but he'll probably want to take it.  Nicole says she won't hand it over.
  • Suggests asking spirits - pattern spiders, etc. - that store data.
  • When asked about Cloudcatcher, he says that they found another of his homes.  Hasn't returned to the one we found.  He does have silver bullets.
Ask Bible geomid in library about cylinder.  It doesn't know.  Suggests asking a more powerful spirit.
Decide to ask pattern spiders at warehouse - may know since they've been in the area.
  • Lana creates a map outlining new Red Talon territories.
  • Aproach largest spider.  It says that this chimmenage is not enough.  Demands all knowledge on Lana's laptop of a copy of the Silver record for its function, or a map of the Scab with infrastructure and sub-infrastructure for its name.  For both, include a map of Scar factory.
Decide to ask Fr. Simon & DJ if they can help us map the Scar
  • Nicole and Darcy to Fr. Simon - He'll map out what he can, but it won't be entirely complete - mostly around the factories.  He also mentions that Odin and O'aka plan to kill Cloudcatcher today.  Don't want our help; they think we'll get in the way.  Will tell us when it's taken care of.
  • Rebecca and Lana can't find DJ.  Sense of the prey says he is up.  Wait awhile, but he doesn't return.

Darcy and Nicole go to church.  Fr. Simon says that things the night before didn't go so well.  Odin is in the hospital.  Gives us address of the attack - Jack got the jump on them - and Odin's hospital room.  Darcy and Nicole eat soup.
Lana and Rebecca go to check on DJ.  Ivet and John tag along.  He's not there.  Track him 40 miles, still don't find him.  Call Nicole and Darcy to ask if they should continue. 
Darcy sees Bob nearby - plans to ask his opinion on DJ's habits.
  • Bob says that a corax/raven might circle pretty far for food/nesting material/information.
  • Describes how he and Joe went to find DJ Friday night (when they wandered off).  Joe yelled at DJ - said that DJ wasn't Cloudcatcher and wasn't a Corax for he shouldn't pretend.  Joe leaves.  Bob and DJ then had a conversation on what it means to be a Corax (Bob has rank, etc., DJ does not).  DJ asks to be alone.
  • Send Bob (he offers) to track DJ so we know he is safe.
Darcy and Nicole go to hospital
  • Odin was shot in th ehead.  Has been drifting in and out of consciousness.
  • Odin wakes up when the nurse leaves.  Says O'aka wants our help to take down Jack.
  • During the fight Jack got the jump on them.  Shot Odin twice (once in Snake form).  O'aka bit Jack - he fangs melted; blood burned like fire.
  • Offer to have Rebecca visit to help heal his eys, which may not heal on its own because of the silver.
After visit, Rebecca and Lana return.  Rebecca tries to heal Odin.  It's more difficult than usual, but she heals him a little.

For Next TIme:  Talk to O'aka.  Come up with a plan for Janet.  Wait to hear from Bob.  Ask Joe re: Corax stance on DJ's existance.
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