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Session Summary 3/17/2012: We're Hunting Buzzards

Sunday Evening:

Pack meets up.  Darcy borrows a car from parents - needs to be back by 11:00 so they can pick up a special drink order for the bar (Fianna drink).
Stop for dinner, then go to O'aka's.
  • House is dark, but Sense of the Prey reveals he is inside.
  • Go in - door is unlocked.  Find him in kitchen; he gives us drinks.
  • Discuss the situation - Jack's whereabouts, motives (unknown - speculate Black Spiral dealings), how O'aka's been tracking him (gifts, police contacts, etc.)
  • O'aka gives us a vial with chimera's scent to help with tracking.
  • Suggests delegating the Black Spiral to another pack so we can focus on helping the Naga take out Jack.
  • Discuss Jack's known skills:  a) Speed & reflexts - possible 6th sense?  b) Doesn't rely on strength or gifts.  c) Blood burns, resistant to poison.  d) Has silver bullets?
Drop off car.  Go to Black Furries.
  • Explain Black Spiral situation to Susan. 
  • She agrees to have her pack deal with it while we take out the leader (Jack).
Both packs will do reconaisance and meet up to coordinate attack.
  • Sniff eau de chimera vial - pungent.  Old, faint smell in territory (umbral).
  • Start tracking at Jack's house.  Strong scent; see Chimera in basement.
  • Sense of the Prey:  Jack is somewhere SW of there.
  • Lana leaves a camera to monitor the basement window.
  • Lana and Rebecca sense something in the area - large, vaguely cat-like - slinking away.  Lana uses Phoebe's Veil.  Rebecca simply gives chase.  Nicole and Darcy follow.  It has disappeared.  Find a few tracks in the area but no trail (no tracks or scent to follow).
  • Nicole uses The Streets Tell Stories.  Sees a lioness stalking the pack, then slink away and literally disappear into the shadows.  She seemed to be observing, not hunting.
  • Rebecca senses magic - feels some in the area where the lioness was, probably a gift.
  • After checking in with Black Furies (no report yet) decide to call it a night.

During 2nd period, Bruce is called to the office.  He is not in class after that.
  • John and Mall Girl (Afa Batistae) are talking at lunch when Rebecca and Darcy to to talk - neither knows where he is or what's going on.  Afa doesn't seem to like Darcy.
  • Notice a police officer visiting the office in the afternoon - no lights or sirens, nothing suspicious.
Pack meets up at territory.  Touch base with Black Furies.
  • Theurge scout reports that more banes have come through spiral.
  • She witnessed a ritual - magic charcoal drew a woman's face.  Rebecca feels a magical charge of electricity.  A storm starts moving through - magic!  Probably result of a rite, gift, spirit, etc.
Sense of the Prey - Jack is to the West.  Head that way in Lupus.
  • No scent of chimera at all in Black Fury territory, but pick up scent outside - it's usual path for skirting territory.  Not fresh scent through.
  • After we announce ourselves in Glasswalker territory Jack moves North.  Later moves West - seems to be circling.
  • Lana uses Skyscraper Vision to try to spot Jack.  Sees a raven in roughly the right spot flying leisurely.  Does it again from another window to triangulate location.  Sees Jack, as well as Glasswalker talking to geomid and sending flashing color symbols.  Possibly communicating with Jack (probable)?  Or he's maybe eavesdropping?  This form of communication isn't normal at all for Glasswalkers.
  • As we gain on Jack, he changes direction.  If we move in opposite direction, he does not.  If we walk towards him backwards he disappears off the radar.

For next time:  "Conversation" with Glasswalker.  Continue to hunt Jack.  Other stuff from last time.

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