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Session Summary 11/24/2012: Crazy Kahn and a Lot of Pursuit

Go into building.  Take stairs up to roof - 10 floors

  • Note that cameras turn toward us.

  • When we get to the roof, Glasswalker isn't there.  Track his scent to fire escape, then through window on 8th floor, then to elevator.

  • Try to pick up scent on lower floors, but no luck.  There are mirrors in the elevator; suspect that he stepped sideways.

  • Decide to go back to roof and have Nicole use Streets Tell Stories to figure out what he was doing.  Pick up Glasswalker scent on 10th floor and follow it to the bathroom where it stops in front of a mirror.  Suspect that this is where he really stepped.

  • Go to roof.  Streets Tell Stories reveals:  Glasswalker comes regularly and sends messages via geomid.  Tpday he told Jack we were tracking him, gave directions, then ran off with the geomid.  Geomid seems well trained.

  • Then it occurs to us that the geomid can't step, so it's likely hidden in the building.

  • Find geomid on top of the elevator.  Darcy shifts to Homid, climbs up and talks to it.

    • Geomid says that Darcy is not his master.  Doesn't seem to know other details about his master and won't share what they were doing.

    • Says Darcy is a faulty program (as she has no master).  Sparks and connects to the elevator.  Fearing that he will cause the elevator to crash, pack evacuates.  Geomid seems to be sending Darcy's desription somewhere.

    • Lana uses Control Complex Machine to control the geomid so we can better question it.

    • Doesn't seeem to know more details re: Master.

    • Has been sending messaages for Master to addresses in the area (signal lights for Jack).  Also altered a file on Roark Forster - changed the fingerprints on his file.  Also has done what seems to be basic business transactions, and moved money out of charitable account to business account.

    • Decide to hide geomid just for fun underneath one of the elevators.  As other elevators are summoned, Rebecca senses magic above - Weaver.  Suspect calcifying.

    • Toss geomid to other elevator and head for fire escape.  Darcy checks to see what's on the roof - 3 huge strand spiders.  Run!

    • Rebecca uses Bird gift to fly.  Shifts to Chrinos and carries the pack out.  Run away to theater.  Spiders continue pursuit.

    • After a bit, Nicole notices web outside.  SPiders seems to be calcifying a three-block radius.  Send Merlin to get Ivet for help.

    • Lana tries to get pattern spider to redirect strand spiders to Black Spira.  Doesn't work.

    • Pack shifts to Chrinos.  Ivet & co. arrive.  Pose!  Attack!

    • Ivet tells the strand spiders to stand down as we are, in fact, not defective.  SPiders listen and turn away in direction of Spiral.

    • Clean up webs.  Nicole saves some just in case.

Darcy wants to see what the spiders do, so pack pursues.

  • Meet Black Furies along the way.  They were retreating from scouting and saw the spiders.

  • Report that there are Wyrm-tainted Ferra.  There are reports of a buzzard, but no one seems to trust him.  He does have silver bullets.

  • Invite Black Furies to check out the spider action.  Susan comes.  Boris goes back to keep an eye on territory.

  • Near the church find the strand spiders dead.  See hyena chewing on one spider.

7:30 - Check in on territory, Janet

Darcy, Lana, and Rebecca go home.

Nicole goes to visit Bruce.  He never came home from school.  Nicole tells his mom that he was called out of school - Mom didn't know.

  • Nicole leaves.  Mom calls police.

  • Nicole sees Afa.  She seems as if she is trying not to draw attention to herself.

  • Nicole confronts her.  Afa smells of cat.  Asks what she's doing there - she says that she's looking for Bruce to ask him to dinner.  Banter ensues.  Doesn't seem to know anything (or acts like she doesn't - hard to tell).  Darcy asks Nicole to disengage via earpiece.

  • Afa invites Nicole to dinner.  Agrees.  On walk (a few blocks down) Afa reveals she is Simba.

  • No lights at the house.  LIons inside.

  • Afa invites Nicole into the kitchen.  Things are sinister and threatening.  Rest of pack on their way.

  • Nicole shifts to Chrinos and jumps out a window.  Starts to run away.  Tiger with silver poleclave jumps down.  Nicole runs and is pursued.  Tiger best keeps up.  Eventually hits her with blade.  Nicole falls.

  • Darcy, Lana, and Rebecca arrive.  See tiger with Nicole unconscious over his shoulder.

  • Darcy attacks with klave, but does not injure.

  • Rebecca plays flute.  Fight stops, but some Simba look ready to fight.

  • Darcy tells Tiger to hand over Nicole as she is part of her pack and we have no quarrel with them.  Tiger says we all need to pay for killing young Bastet at the warehouse.

  • Darcy uses Glib Tongue to convince Tiger to hand Nicole over.  He does.

  • Tiger asks us to explain outselves.  Darcy says Bastet were skinchangers.  Tigers asks for proof - Corax word isn't good enough.  Darcy says that all she can give is her word and the word of everyone else there.  Tiger asks when and where.  Agree to Saturday and the warehouse.  TIger asks for proof that it isn't a trap.  Holds out truth stick.  Darcy takes it and promises.  TIger promises that it won't be a trap for us unless we deserve it.

Back at territory, Nicole is healed.  Darcy reprimands Nicole for getting into this mess.  Nicole volunteers and is given permission to warn John reg: Tiger's warning.

  • John says the trial is very weird.  Amazed that we aren't dead.  Says Kahn is surely an elder given his abilities.  Saturday is likely a trap.

  • John says that he will look for Bruce - the warehouse is one of his hiding spots.

  • Rebecca and John find Bruce at the warehouse.  Take him to theater.  Heals Bruce's wounds.

  • Bruce says cop at school was the Kahn - Officer Kelly.

10:00 - Start warning others from the warehouse raid.

  • Call noise disturbance for Get.  Meet Mark at the bar and explain situation.  He suggests changing the location at the last minute to sidestep a trap.

  • Lana and Rebecca talk to Ivet.

  • Darcy and Nicole talk to Susan.  Also meet with Jeff at the bar.  Check in with Bruce at the theater, who waxes philosophical re: His preparedness (wants to learn to use a klave, join our pack, etc.)

After School - Is there a third party who could mediate?  Maybe a spirit?  Kinfolk?  Other Ferra?

Lana finds pictures from business at Glasswalker building.  Nicole confirms his identity - Simon Brecke.

Joe arrives with information:

  • Roark's prints were replaced with Bruce's.  The implication is that if Bruce does a crime and his prints come up, Roark will be to blame.

  • He's brought LOTS of Corax kin to back us up.

  • DJ is trying to prove himself.  Uncovering BSD hives and sicing Garou on them 50 miles West of here.  Pros:  DJ can infiltrate hives no problem and hives are being taken care of.  Cons:  Garou don't trust DJ because of Wyrm taint.

  • BSD moving into Red Talon territory.  Bob is communicating with Joe via Trash Heap, but don't know specific location.

  • Both male Simba and Kahn are elders.  One of them is causing the magic rain, which makes tracking a noisance.

  • Bring in Bruce and John to see if they have any input.  Bruce has no ideas re: fingerprints.

  • Darcy is suspicious of the Bruce connection to both Cloudcatcher and Simba issues, but there is no obvious connection.

  • Joe goes to find more info on Officer Kelly, etc.

  • Pack asks Ivet to hunt for Janet.

  • Pack decides to solicit help from Lion (appealing to the Simba) and Unicorn (peaceful and present at warehouse) spirits.

  • Takes some convincing, but Bruce and John agree to help with summoning.  Darcy bribes Bruce with catnip.

  • Lion summoning / grooming at library successful.  Lion refers to Darcy as the "Last White Howler."  Agrees to send message to the big Lion.

Darcy goes to pick up catnip.  As she walks back to library, she hears Call to the Wyrm coming from West edge of town - Red Talons?

  • Gathers pack and John to go help.

  • Upon arrival it's clear that everyone is chasing DJ.

  • The magic storm now has lightning which strikes at Garou.  DJ also can freeze Garou, but isn't injuring them.

  • Run into an injured Red Talon who was injured by lightning.  Hear Call to the Hunt nearby.  All pursue that since its closer (and pack doesn't want to hunt DJ anyway).

  • Come across dead/injured Red Talons.  It's clear this was a Bastet attack.

  • Red talons see John and become aggressive.  Alpha frenzies.

  • Grappling ensues as pack tries to protect John, who disappears in the shadows.  Rebecca uses her flute, which calms the Alpha.  Alpha insists that Bastet were black, not Simba.  Alpha wants to be released; pack wants him to not kill John.  Alpha makes no promises, but pack releases him when it seems clear that he likely won't be able to find John.

  • Red Talons pursue Wyrm hunt.  A Get officer arrives in police car.  We convince him that Bastet are the bigger threat.

  • Rebecca senses magic from nearby barbershop.  Lana licks in the door.  FInd three Black Kahn inside - copies of the one we met before.

  • Attack!  Kahn are shadows of the original and disappear when in jured.  They are disposed of.

  • Get asks if this changes the truce with Bastet.  We would like to gather a bit more info and possibly determine motive.  Get leaves to pursue Wyrm.

  • John comes out of hiding.  He's figured out the Kahn's shadow trick!  Sends his own shadow to confront Bastet.

  • Pack tries to check area for more Bastet.  Eventually realize that Wym hunt is headed to Black Spiral.  Pack follows.

  • When the pack arrives at the church, the fight is over.  Spiral is destroyed and BSDs killed.  Minimal Garou casualties and none of name.

  • Also see Cloudcatcher's body!  He is dismembered and burned.

  • Help with cleansing of what's left of church.

  • Darcy is approached by Rests int he Shade.  He apologies for the other Red Talon pack.  Darcy says she understands his rage and all is forgiven.  Expresses regret for bringing hunt into city.  Says we can use the fallen's bodies with the Get to help protect the veil (which would explain wolves in the city).  Says we are welcome to enter their territory to hunt, rest, or pursue the Wyrm.  Darcy says likewise.

  • Ivet confirms that DJ - the "buzzard" they were originally pursuing - escaped.

Lana and Rebecca go back to territory to heck with John.  He reports that Kahn heard the howls and thought Garou were amassing an army to hunt them, so he struck.  Apologizes.  John says he seemed sincere.  Notable that he let "John" talk instead of killing him.

Darcy and Nicole join Ivet and co. to hunt for Janet.  Successful and uneventful.

For Next Time:  Report to Naga re: Jack.  Find solution for Janet.  Ask unicorn to arbitrate.
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