Darcy and Bottle

Session Summary 5/1/11 - Beach Party in Mississippi

Thursday afternoon/evening:
  • Show Ivet's pack around.
  • Lana e-mails the Glasswalker who controls the territory where meat distribution center is located
    • Informs him of Wyrm taint
    • Asks him to take care of it.
  • Day ends festively at Friendly Spirits
  • Family together time.
  • Lana gets a response to her e-mail - Glasswalker says that they will, "put this knowledge to use."
  • Lana talks with Ivet and Midnight Masquerade
    • With Ivet - small talk re: his time home
    • With Midnight Masquerade - asks if he knows of any gifts that allow one to have presence in both Real World and Umbra
  • Rebecca, Nicole, and Chillwind Loreseeker have Theurge chat
    • Discover that Chillwind is the child of a spirit and kin with some Wendigo blood
    • Does he know anything about Grundir?  Of course not; they're extinct.  But if they were to be around tribes might be found in Africa.  Though pigs are found all over the world...but of course, Grundir are extinct.
    • Does he have any guesses about what the pets of the snake people are?  Speculate about Mokole (who may be found in South America or southern US), or vampires who keep ghouls as pets.
  • Darcy goes to library to find books about photography.
  • Nicole makes phone calls to try to track down Rokea
    • Jeff's contacts don't know anything, but pass on another number for someone in Mississippi.
    • Ben (Mississippi contact) says some young garou claim to have seen some but no one believes them.
    • Nicole talks to one of them - he's clearly stoned.  He has no pack; Nicole tells him to get one and describes the perks.  They compare loot.
Around 5:00 EST:
  • Pack decides to go to Mississippi to investigate this lead.
  • Invite Ivet's pack to join us - they agree to come.  Ivet's packmates note that he's a bit more relaxed in America than he is at home.
  • Ride Travel to Mississippi.  Check in with Ben at soup kitchen.  He says that the guy Nicole had talked to will likely show up for dinner soon-ish.
  • Decide to split into two groups and start investigating.  One group will rent a boat and check the Real World waters.  The other will swim out with driftwood floats and check Umbra side.
  • Alphas pick teams (side to be investigated determined by rock/paper/scissors game, which Ivet wins):
    • Ivet's Team (Real World side): Voice Twice Cracked (needed for Howl of the Unseen gift), Midnight Masquerade (needed to drive the boat), Lana, Rebecca
    • Darcy's Team (Umbra side): Nicole, Boris (selected for his apparent strength - he's probably a good swimmer.  Ivet looks vaguely concerned when Darcy picks him), Chillwind
  • All buy snorkel gear and set out with their respective teams
    • Conventional searching reveals nothing on either side.
    • Umbra group summons a shark spirit
      • Says there aren't any Rokea in the area now - they come around in the spring.
      • Suggests looking on Atlantic side of Florida or on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.
      • Asks us to feed the shark's people, located East of bouys, as chimmeneage.  We use our remaining boat time to deliver some purchased fish to the area.
For Next Time:  Beach Party!  Track down Rokea elsewhere?
Darcy and Bottle

Session Summary 11/7/10 - A Slow Return to Normalcy, Plus the Return of Frank's Riddles

Tuesday – 8 am 

Check in with our families

  • Lana’s house has just been ransacked by the Chimera.  Her father is unharmed, but shaken up.  He describes how the Chimera left very suddenly at about the time when Ivet left for Russia.  Chimera mostly just damaged stuff.  Photos of Lana seem to have been particularly targeted, including a bookcase with her baby photos.  Spirits Umbra side are surprisingly awake.
  • Rebecca’s family is concerned, but Aunt has helped to smooth the way.  Goes to aid Lana after seeing her family.
  • Nicole tries to go to the movie theater, but can’t get there.  Grows very aggravated.  Comes across a pattern spider also trying to get into theater and promises to find a solution.  Goes to Bruce’s house to get info since Frank is the likely cause.  He’s sleeping, wearing boxers with hearts on them.  Goes with Nicole to investigate. 
  • After chatting with her family Darcy goes to find a higher-ranking Fianna to tell about London adventures since she anticipates it becoming a tribal issue.  Gives him the confiscated paperwork; he tells Darcy to hang on to the fetish for now.  He’ll be in touch when he knows more.  Darcy then goes to meet up with Nicole.

Tracking the Chimera

  • Lana and Rebecca try to track the Chimera’s escape route, which heads generally North-East.  Its presence lightens not far fro Lana’s house.  Follow the trail through and out of the city before heading back. 
  • All evidence indicates that the Chimera is Ivet’s.
  • Go back to rendez-vous with Nicole and Darcy at the theater.

Finding the Theater

  • Nicole and Darcy fail to find a way in.  Frustration builds.  Call for Frank.  He appears and shows them how to get in.  Explains that he used a riddle to protect the theater (he apparently got his riddles back a few days ago – we later figure that it corresponds to when Jack was killed).  He’s also built a Den Realm in the theater. Nicole is irate that he has “stolen” her home.  But all agree (via communicators if necessary) that the protection is more or less well-intentioned and has potential to be useful.
  • Bruce leaves to get some “real breakfast” (despite the fact that he’s been stuffing his face with popcorn).  At Rebecca’s request Nicole asks him to bring John when he returns, presumably for more information about Den Realms.
  • Lana and Rebecca arrive in territory.  Rebecca wants to solve the riddle.  It takes a few attempts, but they eventually get in on their own.
  • After a bit the pack hears a merlin outside trying to get in.  Darcy and Rebecca go to great it.  Frank also arrives with some food.
    • Darcy pulls Frank aside and expresses concern that allies can’t get in.  Frank says that he only expressly prohibited the pack’s allies so that they wouldn’t show us the way, but won’t say who that includes.  Darcy asks for a list of those on the prohibited list.  Frank does his new Cheshire Cat thing and disappears.
  • Nicole talks to the spirit of the theater, who has been awakened by Frank.  The spirit better explains how the riddle works.  It’s actually the theater’s riddle, not Frank’s, but he put up the restrictions.  We could do the same, but decide to leave things as they are for the moment for safety’s sake.  Also tells us of enemies expressly prohibited – a doppelganger rat (who we believe to be Charles) sighted nearby and the Scab spiders (disguised as pattern spiders, like the one Nicole encountered) who have been trying to spy.
  • Bob arrives and needs to be let in.  He’s found DJ, who is doing well and is still laying low.
  • Bruce returns with John.  They mention that they have eaten lunch.  Darcy offers to make a McDonalds run for the others.  Stops at a nearby thrift store on the way and spends about $10 on some butler gear for Frank since he’s like the theater’s caretaker.
  • Meanwhile, John explains about Den Realms and how they work.
  • When Darcy returns she calls for Frank and offers him his gifts.  He doesn’t appear, but gives her a sheet of paper with the words, “Some illness can tote heel unnamed Ankh Earl.”  This is apparently a riddle hinting at his real name.  After a bit Lana solves the riddle – it’s a word puzzle where every other letter is the real message.  So his name is, “Smiles at the Unmaker.”  Frank appears when we solve the riddle.  Accepts his gift.  Also gives Darcy a few lists of those prohibited – a list of those whose drivers’ licenses have been revoked, minors who can’t drink (Darcy crosses her name off of this list), etc.

Dealing with the Doppelganger – 1:30-ish – 3:00-ish

  • Pack plans to hunt the doppelganger.  Ask cats if they want to join the hunt, but they are reluctant given the previous rat problem.  Nicole gives them her communicators so that they can listen in.  They are meanwhile tasked with keeping an eye on the Scab spider and dealing with it if necessary.
  • Go to the location where the doppelganger was sighted, which is in Get territory near the high school.  It only then occurs to the pack that it’s a Tuesday and school isn’t in session.  Learn from the cats that school has been shut down since Friday after some sort of freak science thing (Bruce isn’t specific and doesn’t seem to know more).
  • Call police to tell Get what we’re doing.  They agree to send an officer.
  • Darcy and Rebecca sense that the entire school is tainted.  Unsure if this is related to the doppelganger or the science lab incident.  When the cop (Mark) arrives we fully explain what we’re doing and he fully explains what happened at the school.
    • Some chemicals had been mixed that caused a reaction that released toxic fumes, and apparently the school’s ventilation system sucks.  Unsure who brought the weird chemical but it’s generally suspected that it was a student.  Four students have been hospitalized and are being cared for by Glasswalker kin.
    • Putting the two stories together we more or less confirm that the doppelganger is Charles, who had been posing as a substitute teacher and had been in the science lab at the time of the fume issue.
  • Go into school to investigate.  Find Chrinos rat without any trouble and take him out without incident.
    • Rebecca spends quite a bit of time cleansing the school.
    • Lana steps to the real world to investigate the computer in the classroom (the Umbral computer was damaged in the fight).  Finds that O’aka, Fr. Simon, and Odin are wanted by the doppelgangers for killing Lana and Rebecca’s doppelgangers.  She destroys this file.  Finds info about the toxin and evidence that the ventilation had been changed from the original blueprints to allow the spread of the fumes.
    • Hear via comm. that the cats have taken care of the Scab spider.

End of a Long Day

  • Lana, Rebecca, and Nicole are exhausted given the day’s events, which include the London stuff given the time change.  Go home to rest.  Darcy, who doesn’t need sleep so badly, spends some time making wanted posters with the help of color spirits asking for information about the Chimera if it is sighted (want to keep close tabs to confirm connection to Ivet).  Also asks merlins to keep an eye out for the Chimera and inform us when Ivet returns.
  • Bruce and John agree to help patrol the territory – they actually volunteer since we clearly seem exhausted.  They pass on these duties to the Black Furies overnight.

Wednesday, 4am


Jeff’s Birthday!

  • Learn that it’s Jeff’s birthday.  When told, Darcy brings a bottle of Jack Daniels as a gift.  Brings another for herself to stash in the theater just in case.
  • Pack talks to Frank about the remaining DNA Labs victims and their current status.
    • He’s been slowly weaning them off of meds.  Frank himself is completely weaned.  Vampire guys are actually fine, but not allowed to leave due to their volatile desires.  Have meds to last 2 months-ish for everyone else.
    • Mokolé woman is due in about 6-7 weeks.  She explains that her kind need dreams to be able to take form, and as a metis her baby doesn’t have Gaia’s dreams.
  • Rebecca visits the hospital to help cleanse the sick students.  They seem to be doing better when she’s done.
  • Decide to throw a movie birthday party for Jeff.  Invite:
    • Jeff and his pack
    • Black Furies
    • Get (don’t expect them to come, but are pleased when two arrive, including Mark)
    • Jerry
    • Rebecca’s Aunt
    • Bruce and John
    • Bob
    • A few other friends of Jeff’s, including some rats.
  • Good times are had by all!




Potentially Genius Idea

  • Have theory – Can Joe give the forgotten dream to the Mokolé child?  He’s not likely to have children of his own anymore, and the baby needs a dream to live.  Must investigate further.

How to Find Joe?

  • Sense of the prey says that he’s East.  Hypothesize that he’s somewhere in England, his home.
  • Debate asking Jake for help, but don’t think that’s a good idea.
  • Decide to visit trash heap for help/advice.
    • Bring trash from the party as an offering.
    • Ask the heap if she knows anything about Joe or his whereabouts.
      • He’s in London.  He found Jack’s stash, including his wife’s eyes and the silver lining.
      • He’s doing better than he was
      • Heap hasn’t seen him for a couple of days.
    • Ask trash heap to deliver a message when he next visits.
      • We hope he’s OK, miss him, etc.
      • Possibly have a way to help him while helping someone else.
      • Let us know if we can do anything to help.

Ivet’s Back!  Noon-ish

  • Travel returns to the library with Ivet and his pack, Gilded Thunder
    • Ivet makes introductions all around. 
      • His pack:
        • Alec, Fangs of Glory, Ahourn, Homid (beta)
        • Many Voices Howl, Galliard, Metis (omega)
        • Northwind Wisdom, Theurge, Lupus (#3)
        • Midnight Masquerade, Ragabash, Lupus (#4)
      • All Rank 2, save Ivet who was promoted to Rank 3 back home
      • Theurge and Ragabash snicker when Lana is introduced.  Ivet puts them in their place with a quick snarl.
  • Nicole asks if they had Chimera trouble in Russia – they did.  It attacked Ivet’s family, but was repelled by his parents.
  • When it seems that the conversation will turn confrontational and awkward, Darcy changes the subject.  General mingling ensues.
    • Northwind Wisdon pulls Rebecca aside.
      • Discuss Chimera – he has concluded that it’s Ivet’s since it seems to have latched onto people he cares about.
      • Ivet can’t defeat it by fighting because he isn’t a fighter by nature.  It has to be on his terms.  Problem is, Ivet doesn’t think he has a problem.
    • Darcy pulls Ivet aside
      • Discuss Chimera issue.  Asks about the attack on his parents.  Sounds similar to the attack on Lana’s house.  Darcy tells Ivet about the attack on Lana’s house – he’s very concerned about her father’s safety.
      • Ivet says that he doesn’t think he has a problem, but Darcy argues fairly successfully that the evidence points to the fact that it’s connected to him, though Ivet is resistant.  He doesn’t think that he’s conflicted and is also a little confused (i.e. he’s wrong, or is perhaps in denial) about how Chimeras work. 
      • Offers to leave to get it to follow him to relieve us of the problem.  Darcy insists that we don’t want that and that we’ll deal with it together.  Praises him for his honor and says that she truly doesn’t believe that he would actually do something wrong, but asks him to consider openly and honestly if he could be conflicted and about what the conflict is.  He agrees, if a bit begrudgingly.  It is confirmed that we are, in fact, cool despite awkward conversation.
      • Ivet says that his pack will help with patrols. 
    • Meanwhile, Nicole runs distraction with the remaining Russians so they don’t pick on Lana, showing off territory and Silver Fang stuff.

For Next Time:  Showing Gilded Thunder the ropes, cleansing meat


Darcy and Bottle

Session Summary 3/7/10 - Pack Leaders Can't Be Trusted


  • The Pack goes sightseeing in London, discussing what to do next
    • Decide that there's not a good way to clear things with the Corax since they'd probably rather kill us than listen to us.
    • Darcy informs the pack that she wants to confront the Elder regarding his lack of action.
  • Talk to Bone Gnawers and let them know about what happened the previous day.  Are promised that word will spread and are offered a place to spend the night. 
    • Also ask if there's any chance they could invite a Corax to witness the confrontation tomorrow.
    • Are warned that the plans to confront the Elder are dangerous, respond by telling him that this is why it must be done.
  • That evening while walking through the city, the pack notices Diablo sitting at a table outdoors with another man. 
  • Head to Big Ben to see the Elder sometime early afternoon (Umbral side).
  • Are told that the Elder is meeting with someone else now, but we can wait in an anteroom for him to finish.
  • After a little bit a scuffle is heard in the hall.
    • See a Chrinos Garou (guess by coloring that he's Get) being lead off by the Elder's pack
    • Get yells that the Elder is a coward.  Nicole says something in agreement.
  • Are then lead into the Elder's office.  Darcy asks what the problem was, Elder (who has a black eye) says that some people don't react well to being made Ronin.
  • Darcy activates Truth of Gaia and asks how things have been wrapping up since the confrontation with Jack at the Wyld perfume shop.  Elder says that the production had been shut down and steps had been taken to spread the word about the Wyld perfume.  This is a lie.
  • Darcy accuses him of lying.  Says that he is clearly unconcerned with the problem.  Points out that it is his duty to combt the Wyrm, which is very difficult to do when he allows something to exists that helps to hide the Wyrm.  Elder says that he does not serve Gaia.  His appearane shifts - grows a foot taller, sprouts fur and feathers and an extra set of arms.  Leaps to attack Lana.
  • Fight ensues. 
    • Lana gets knocked around quite a bit, but manages to Electroshock him.  Gets knocked out, but usues Rage to heal.  Frenzies.
    • Rebecca attempts to use Harmony Flute, but it is ineffective.
    • At some point Lana gets knocked out again.  Rest of pack manages to not frenzy.
    • Nicole takes a bit of damage, but also deals some.
    • Darcy eventually rips out his throat with her teeth, he dies and seems to melt away.
  • In the aftermath:
    • Nicole swears profusely, stomps/spits on Elder's remains.
    • It is determined that the Elder was likely a Wyld Thing, a creature very similar to a Famorri but with Wyld affiliation.
    • Bob looks for an eye but there aren't any.  Scratches a message in the gross bile left behind to inform other Corax of what happened.
    • Pack inspects the room.  Finds a fetish (necklace with talisman Celtic knots) and some political paperwork.  All are confiscated.
    • Decide that we don't want to deal with the rest of the pack right now since we have no idea if they're also Wyld Things, so we step sideways and sneak out with a tour group.  Bob steps somewhat less gracefully (flying into a guard's head), but also manages to leave a message on a door with the goo like the one inside near the remains.
  • Pack goes to find Travel.  Before heading back Darcy howls to inform London's Garou of what the Elder really was and of the Wyld Perfume.  As we leave, we hear a howl as the word is being spread.
  • Moonbridge returns pack to the library, where Ivet greets us.  Pack explains that London was miserable, but Jack is dead...along with the London's head Elder.  Storytelling ensues.  Ivet asks if he can take Travel back to Moscow so he can speak to his pack and Elders about the situation.  Should be back in a day or so.
For Next Time:  Continuing to spread the word.  Checking on territory, movie theater.  Possibly checking in with our families.  Developing lovely pictures from London trip.  Trying to figure out what problem to try to solve next.

Session Summary 11/27/09 - Merlin's Angels Do London

Saturday Night Cont. - Arrival in London
  • Pack arrives in London with Bob via Travel on top of Big Ben.
  • Find the cloud spirit near the Tower of London - track it down and speak with it
    • Cloud doesn't like Jack (calls him a liar) but doesn't know where to find him or the silver lining.
    • Says that we should check out the Raven's Watch neighborhood of London - there's a flower shop there.
  • Quick side trip made to Raven's Watch (still Umbral)
    • Discover many flower shops in the area. Nothing jumps out.
    • See an origami spirit on the street. It re-folds itself from a flower to a crane and then to a frog. Darcy takes a picture and it runs away into a flower shop (Terry's Tulips). Pack enters shop and Darcy apologizes for taking the picture and offers a folded dollar bill as payment (spirit now in the form of a basket). Dollar is absorbed into spirit, which now has some green in it.
    • Conversation is attempted and spirit changes into a soldier with a spear. Communicates by tapping staff and it seems that 1 = yes and 2 = no, but this isn't clear nor does it seem consistant.
    • Lana opens a door that leads to the basement (anyone remember why?) Hides herself using Pheobe's Veil and investigates. Discovers Maytan (now an ancestor spirit) and a few others brewing a perfume using essence from the origami spirits - presumably the perfume that we had suspected was hiding Wyrm taint. Takes one vial and the pack exits the shop.
    • Origami spirit (still a soldier, and will be from this point on unless stated otherwise) leaves with us, riding Bob.
  • Pack goes to find a place to rest for the night since it's now 3-4 AM locally. Settle down for the night with Trash Heap - the same one as back home.
Sunday Morning - Info Over Breakfast
  • In the morning the Origami spirit is in the process of constructing an elaborate castle from the trash. Darcy asks to take a picture. Origami spirit folds into a dragon and poses.
  • Pack goes to get some breakfast (scones) to eat in a park using the little bit of British money Lana has from O'aka's pack. Nicole does some begging in case we need more British pounds later. Pack uses this time to try to plan their next move.
  • Lana (who is still carrying the vial) notices that her vision is blurry and unfocused.
    • Performs experiment on a wind-up toy soldier purchased in a tourist shop. A drop from the vial causes the soldier to do flips instead of walk - its nature has been changed.
    • Suspect that carrying the vial is influencing her vision given the Weaver-y-ness of her eyes. Darcy agrees to hold the vial and Lana's vision immediately clears up.
    • Origami spirit (still with us) tries to fight the wind-up soldier. Crawls from one of Nicole's pockets to another to fight it. Nicole tries giving it a corner of the waxy paper that had held her scone to appease it but it doesn't work.
  • Decide to talk to one of the local packs about the flower shop issue. Bob (being from London himself) knows something about the locals and tells us about the pack who owns that territory.
    • Four Rank 2 Fiannas lead by a man named Liam. Includes a man named Terry - the shop owner.
    • Surrounded by another pack of Fianna, some Glass Walkers, and some Bone Gnawers (whose territory we're currently in) lead by Manhole.
    • Points out someone in the park who he knows is part of Manhole's pack. We approach him.
      • Nicole offers popcorn.
      • We asks if he knows anything about the flower shop, etc. and he isn't entirely cooperative. Nicole offers one of her doubloons as bribery, which he accepts. He's clearly aware of what's going on there, but isn't willing to do anything about it because he doesn't want to start trouble (something like that?). Doesn't tell us anything we don't already know.
      • Refuses to set up a meeting with Manhole to talk about it, but makes it clear that they won't do anything. Says that if we want to take care of it ourselves he'd be more than willing to take on the territory when it was over.
    • Pack agrees that while we maybe shouldn't get fully involved in worrying about the flower shop since it's a local issue, we should talk to one of the city's Elders with some clout to be sure that they know about the problem and can do something themselves.

Early Sunday Afternoon - Meeting with the Elders
  • Bob tells us that the pack with the most clout is made up of some Rank 5 Fianna whose territory spans from Big Ben/Parliament to the Tower of London - prime real estate. We can find them by going to Big Ben.
  • Bob goes to the Tower of London to try to tell other Corax about what's happening so that word can be spread about this perfume.
  • Pack goes to speak with Elders. Darcy takes some pictures before we knock. Door is answered and the man who answers asks for a password. We deny knowing any password, which is apparently the right answer and he lets us in and offers drinks.
  • We are eventually brought to another room with an Elder in it. We are all announced - apparently they knew we were coming. Discussion about the situation ensues.
    • Explain that while we did find the information we were looking for, or at least as much as we expected we'd be able to find, we had uncovered something during our investigation that we wanted to make him aware of if he wasn't already.
    • Describe situation in the flower shop. He is already aware and knows just about as much as we do, but has not taken any action because he doesn't have any proof of what the perfume is used for (right?).
    • We explain that we'd seen it in action on two occasions - once with the Glass Walker playing with the banes, and once with a buzzard who had been hiding his taint. Elder asks how we knew it was a buzzard then, and we explain that it is Cloudcatcher. Elder is suddenly very interested.
    • Elder calls for Cloudcatcher's file to be brought. He asks which face he was using with us (apparently he can skillfully change his appearance) and shows us pictures from the file. We point out the one we know him as. Lana notices that another of the faces from the file was one from the flower shop. Darcy also explains how he had appeared in her dreams as a lion, at which the Elder raises the bounty on his head from 10,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds (aprox. $156,000).
    • Elder explains that while he "doesn't have enough proof to march into someone's territory and start making accusations" he'd certinly be grateful if we'd go in and take care of things since we'd have the excuse of being on our own hunt for Cloudcatcher. He'd be willing to support our actions by making sure we're not punished in any way for whatever happens. Plus, we'd get that great bounty.
  • Pack asks for some time to consider the offer. Are lead to another room - this one has a bar as well.
    • Discussion ensues. Agree that we don't want a reputation as mercenaries, especially considering all the work we've done to fix our previously-broken reputation.
    • Also concerned about what we're up against - not sure at all how to deal with Maytan, and there's an overall concern about numbers, espeicially considering that the pack who owns the territory is cozy with the surrounding Fianna and Glass Walkers.
    • Agree to try to negotiate for more direct help from the Elders.
  • Discussion is interrupted when the man who announced us knocks and tells us that Bob has been injured. We return to the Elder's office and discover that he's been treated, but is still sleeping. Was attacked when trying to talk to other Corax.
  • We share our concerns with the Elder, who promises that his men will be at least able to cover our flanks both Umbral and real world side and prevent others from interfering, eliminating the threat of the other packs and anyone not currently in the shop. We decide that if we're going to take action we need to do it now - and we go.

Later Sunday Afternoon - The Face-Off
  • We send a Merlin to get the Pegasus to help.
  • Send another Merlin to find Joe.
  • Bob agrees to cover for us real world side in case Cloudcatcher is able to step and is ordered to give chase if he sees any raven. He is worried that he'll miss seeing our battle though, and we negotiate his compliance by giving him a mic so he can tell us if anything happens. He however, has no reciever so he can't hear us.
  • Pegasus arrive, but point out that they can't get inside the building since they're too big. But they'll patrol nearby just in case.
  • Lana uses her gift to track Jack - sure enough, he's still in the flower shop Umbral side, along with two others.
  • Nicole gets he Origami spirit to create a distraction by getting the other spirits on the upper floor to make a huge racket while escaping the shop. They then all join together to form a huge soldier. This works and the three (Jack, Maytan, and another) come up.
  • Nicole throws a brick through an already-broken window to get their attention. Pack poses, but needs two tries to get it right. Darcy (in Crinos) hows an official challenge to Cloudcatcher. They laugh and deny everything. Banter ensues.
  • At some point Maytan slips up and refers to Jack (wearing the same face as last night, not our usual) as a buzzard. Darcy takes this as an admission of guilt and charges Cloudcatcher, clawing his chest open.
  • Nicole throws Jack out of the building to the street. Jack tries to step sideways. Maytan grapples him so he can't, saying that the Veil cannot be broken.
  • Nicole coup de graces him. When he dies, she hears a bit of prophacy in her ears.
  • It is agreed that we're not in the position to take further action on the flower shop and its denizens since they didn't involve themselves in the fight.

Wrap-up happens, but we don't role-play it out. We are given two days of downtime in London, during which time the Elders insist that we see the sights. Opportunity to learn gifts, etc. During this time it is discovered that the origami spirits were willingly donating their essence.

For Next Time: Returning home, dealing with other problems, probably still clearing our name with the Corax?

Session Summary 12/26/08 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buzzards

All events take place on Saturday.


  • Pack agrees that given how much they have to work with that they will wait until night fall to use Rebecca's gift to see where they should go next.
  • Rebecca asks Pegasus spirits about cloud spirits.  They say that the silver lining is always present, and might do something like make them look pretty.
  • Pegasus says they will gather an army to help us fight.  Pack agrees, only if the army stays back until they are truly needed.
  • Darcy tries to call a cousin in Ireland who she knows has had dealings with Corax, but he isn't home at the time.
  • Talk to Ivet, who agrees to ask around (his pack, ect.) about Nightwatcher (?) and the Abyss.
  • Pack makes their rounds warning all friends/acquaintances (Get, Black Furies, Jeff) of The Corax Problem.
    • Get says they'd know if we were lying and they wouldn't want anyone to be falsely accused
    • Susan and Jeff promise to help however they can.  Jeff gets the rats together.
    • Also ask Susan and Jeff about cloud spirits and the Abyss.  General consensus is that the Abyss is scary and we shouldn't go there.
  • Darcy and Lana return to Darcy's house.  Darcy calls Ireland again and talks to Cousin Terry.
    • Terry explains how buzzards are created.  Long story short:  Umbra eggs are stolen (egg-napped) and given to someone else, which messes them up.  Often done by Black Spiral Dancers or fammori.
    • Terry also says that he's heard some talk of Cloudcatcher.  Promises to ask around and get full details (will see people at the bar that night), and will call Lana's cell phone with what he finds.
  • Nicole and Rebecca return to theatre, find note from DJ on door with his new location (in a Jeep a few miles outside of town). 
  • Talk to Bob.  Darcy and Lana show up toward end of conversation.
    • Ask if he has any idea where Jack's nest is.  Doesn't know, as it would be hidden.  Much discussion of hiding places and passwords ("red and yellow spots").  Does say that Jack had been roosting outside Darcy's window for a week or two.
    • Tells life story.
    • Ask about Buzzards and how they are created to clarify Terry's explanation.  Says that the "Corax" bit is taken out and replaced with something else.  They get sick, and Buzzards are always really confused.
  • Pack + Bob goes to find DJ. 
    • Ask if he knows where Jack's nest is, but he does not.
    • Ask what he knows about the silver lining, and DJ explains that Jack had challenged the cloud and won.
    • Idea comes up to pretend to have Jack's silver lining and challenge him to come and take it back by getting him to outfly himself (DJ).  Idea is that him agreeing to the challenge will reveal himself to be Cloudcatcher to the public.  Will mull over this idea.
    • More talk about how Buzzards are created.  Nothing new here fact-wise, though DJ's explanation is a combination of programmed information and programmed memories.
  • Go to search possible locations for Jack's nest.
    • Nothing outside Darcy's window.
    • Check church with the Black Spiral entrance.  Lion is guarding it and says he hasn't seen anything and that Jack hasn't returned.
  • Decide to check church for Wyrm taint given the Black Spiral entrance.  Seems as though building is tainted, but inside is not.
    • Doors are padlocked from the inside.  It seems a bum has been around.
    • Find the bum in one of the Sunday School rooms.  He is dead.  Nicole recognizes his name (on dog tags); there's been talk at the soup kitchen that no one has seen him for a few days.
    • While leaving the church the sun goes down.  At this moment, an icky, Wyrm-tainted vampire flys away.  This is the likely cause of the bum's death.  Decide not to give chase for the moment.
    • Ivet returns and reports his findings.
  • Sun is set.  Return to territory and use Rebecca's gift.  Moonbeam point up.  Off to the Ethereal Realm on Travel.
    • Nicole makes paper fan out of bus schedule and fans cloud as chiminege.  Ask where we could find a cloud without its silver lining.  Cloud says that this cloud hasn't been the same since Jack took it, and is now more of a fog in London.  Pack debates the pros and cons of going to London.
    • See huge army of Pegasus looming, waiting for their time to attack.  Pack tries to define exactly what "when needed" means.  Pegasus spokesperson simply repeats that they will know when they are needed.
For next time: 
  • London!  Visiting fog, taking lovely pictures, etc.
Darcy and Bottle

Session Summary 11/28/08 - Jack the LMB

Continued trip back to City

Monday Night:
  • Rebecca's Dream - Joe's Wife protecting, doesn't trust Jack

Tuesday Night:
  • Ivet captured while on his watch, tied to tree and burned
  • Lana and Rebecca rescue him w/ Bob and Den Mother
  • Decide to travel by night
That Evening:
  • Vincent Black "attack"
  • Rebecca Fox Frenzies, corax and humans run, humans corralled
  • Darcy howls to rally troops, Rebecca returns
  • Darcy is "feared," battle begins, doppleganger Jack arrives to help
  • Vincent Black killed

  • Dopelganger Jack begs not to be killed, we agree to try and cleanse him
  • DJ asks us to call him "Cloudcatcher" - name of the buzzard, i.e. Jack is the buzzard
  • Jack runs, Joe pursues, pack and DJ pursue him
  • Jack escapes by flying into Abyss
  • Send Bob ahead to warn other Corax

Arrival to City

Friday Night:

  • Check in @ Territory, find out about two Chimera attacks - one pegasus, one knowledge spirit at High School
  • No Corax to be found - find out from squirrel that a swarm of them ran from the city, from Bob
  • Find Bob at Trash Heap, heal him - Jack has convinced them that Merlin's Angels, Joe are Wyrm tainted, are gathering forces including other Garou
  • Trash Heap gives another prophecy ("on paper from Trash Heap #2" from list)
  • Everyone returns home to sleep, learn gifts, etc.
During the Night:
  • Darcy's adventures in the Black Spiral
  • Turns out the lion from her dreams was Jack in disguise
Saturday Morning:
  • Visit the High School - attacked spirit was of the Greek Bible, Book of Job was taken, also missing part of Revelation w/ prophecy - bring him back to our territory
  • Ask Bob what he knows about Cloudcatcher, nothing we don't already know since Corax only bother with facts
  • Ask Doppleganger Jack about what he knows about Jack:
    • Jack met Joe six years ago when he had to tell him about his wife's death, have been friends ever since
    • Cloudcatcher became/revealed as buzzard four years ago
    • Jack had supposedly caught his cloud's lining at an undetermined point before any of this
  • Talk to Frank:
    • Nicole determines species of all unknowns at theatre - Frank is Bastet
    • Frank indicates that the way to not seem dishonest is to convince yourself that you're telling the truth
    • Frank has had his riddles stolen - this is how he was captured by DNA Labs

To Do for Next Time:
  • Go to the Abyss (!?!?)